Alan Parisse

Alan Parisse

Named by Successful Meetings Magazine as "One of the Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century"

Speaker Categories: Finance Industry | Insurance Industry | Real Estate Industry | Negotiation | Sales | Change Management | Corporate Culture | Business Merger | Corporate Culture | Business Growth | Change Management | Motivational Business | Motivation with Humor

Travels From: CO, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000*

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Financial Services Expert,
Named by Successful Meetings Magazine as "One of the Top 21Speakers for the 21st Century"

When Successful Meetings Magazine named Alan one of the “Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century” it was no surprise. In these turbulent times, his diverse experience, hard won expertise and practical solutions are just what audiences need to reframe their thinking, organize for the future and take action.

The Road to Success

Rising from garbage collector to Wall Street executive, Alan Parisse combines insight and wit to deliver powerful and useful messages to audiences around the world. The first speaker to come out of the investment business to be inducted into the National Speakers Association’s Hall of Fame, Alan’s ideas have been quoted in numerous business publications, including: The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Barron’s.

Speaker and Consultant

Alan has been a guest lecturer at the Stanford Business School, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Business, UCLA Graduate School of Management and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.For over 20 years, Alan has been helping presenters reach their potential by coaching with compassion, candor, and the clear intention to bring out the best in each individual. He has worked with executives and managers, sports stars, financial advisors, wholesalers, sales professionals, medical doctors, educators, clergy and others. Combining decades of experience with cutting edge ideas for new and better ways to deliver messages and get results, Alan’s speaking workshops have been proven winners for his clients.

Books and Publications

Alan has written and co-authored numerous books and training programs including: This Is Your Time, Taking Charge: Lessons in Leadership, Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask, The Great Salesperson and Power Marketing. He is currently developing a book and webinar on effective presentations entitled The Speaker in You.

Alan’s articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Executive Excellence, Federal Home Loan Bank Correspondent, Taxes – the Tax Magazine, Advisor Today, Medical Product Sales, Life Insurance Selling, Financial Planning Magazine, Pharmaceutical Representative, The Investment Advisor, The Real Estate Review and The Bank Investment Representative.

Now a lifetime away from his garbage collection days, Alan works with the very best in financial services, healthcare, real estate, technology and more.

Prospering Through Cycles

Our reaction to tough times can be more of a burden than the true challenges we face. In this penetrating program Alan demonstrates why “This is your time, not despite the challenges, but because of them.” He provides a clear rationale to stop concentrating on the negatives. Your team leaves ready to shift into high gear, optimize processes and find opportunities for future growth and success.

New Face of a Leader

No one knows for certain how to lead anymore. Fast history and unrestrained communications have sapped the traditional sources of leadership authority. Today’s leaders must let go of the past, re-evaluate their style, and master next generation sources of influence. In this substantive and stimulating presentation, Alan arms leaders with the understanding needed to set a fresh and fulfilling path to the future.

Secrets of Successful Presentations

“Where did he go? The conversation over lunch was fascinating. Yet the instant he stood up to present, he turned into just another boring robot!” Most speaker programs are designed to “raise the floor.” They make unacceptable speakers acceptable. That’s why so many speakers sound similar, look alike and use the same PowerPoint. Audiences want authenticity. They want the person from lunch to present – and do it professionally. In this series, Alan steers clear of manufacturing speaker clones. Instead, he focuses on “removing the ceiling.” That why past participants describe this program as the “gift that keeps giving.”

Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask

What’s the secret sauce of great advisors? Questions! Great Advisors ask the right questions, listen to the answers and use their clients’ success as their measure of achievement. Based on one of the 10 Must-Read Books for Advisors (from Wall Street Magazine), this presentation reveals the questions great advisors ask to boost money under management, increase average account size and create clients for life.

The Doctor of Sales

Nothing happens until the patient swallows the pill.’ Doctors know they need our cooperation in caring for our physical health. That’s why the best doctors follow the Rules of Selling. They do it so naturally that even they don’t know they are selling, but they are. When they tell us what to do, we are highly likely to do it. To care for their clients’ financial health, advisors must do the same. Expertise isn’t enough. Professionals have to sell themselves and their ideas. In this program, Alan redefines selling in a way that turns the manipulative methods of old into a client-focused mission. Advisors leave armed with a roadmap on how to sell and serve their clients and prospects.

A Lifetime of Saturdays

“Your successful financial planning ruined my life! Now that I am retired, I don’t know what to do with myself. I am lost and miserable.” A lifetime of Saturdays can be wonderful or depressing; a new beginning or a living death. Financial Advisors who understand that a fulfilling retirement takes more than money can serve current clients and attract new ones by expanding client conversations to include more than money. This program will show your advisors both the issues and the opportunity. They will go back to their practices with fresh ideas on how to serve their existing clients and a unique strategy for attracting new ones.
  • Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask... and Investors Need to Know
    Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask... and Investors Need to Know Purchase Book
  • The Great Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Influencing Others
    The Great Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Influencing Others Purchase Book
  • This Is Your Time: Empowering Financial Advisors
    This Is Your Time: Empowering Financial Advisors Purchase Book
  • Taking Charge - Lessons in Leadership
    Taking Charge - Lessons in Leadership Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask... and Investors Need to Know
    Questions Great Financial Advisors Ask... and Investors Need to Know Purchase Book
  • The Great Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Influencing Others
    The Great Salesperson: The Ultimate Guide to Influencing Others Purchase Book


  • "Your presentation was fantastic. We're so glad we had you on after our practice leaders. It ended up rescuing the tempo of the conference."

    PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • "You were sensational. You set the stage for a magnificent leadership symposium - as we all knew you would."

    Million Dollar Roundtable
  • "What a wonderful job Alan did. Many people said he was the best speaker they'd heard during their 20+ year P&G careers."

    Proctor & Gamble
  • “You did an outstanding job and exceeded my expectations. I received nothing but positive feedback from the managers and reps. Your message was heard loudest from the senior sales reps. The district managers will be using your words of wisdom as we move forward with future change."

    Ross Labs
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