Andrew Bowerbank

Andrew Bowerbank

Global Leader in Technology Innovation & Sustainable Development

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Global Leader in Technology Innovation & Sustainable Development

Andrew Bowerbank is a respected authority on emerging clean energy technologies, high-performance building design and low-carbon economics. He is currently the Global Director of Sustainable Building Services at EllisDon Corporation where he is launching a new "low carbon agenda" as a strategy to support international trends towards climate change mitigation and the growing carbon market. He is also a Council member at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and member representative at the World Bank's Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition.

Green Economy Expert

Mr. Bowerbank’s diverse background offers clients a unique perspective on emerging trends in the "green economy". His ability to communicate new market opportunities based on his experiences in project development and advanced systems design showcase the effectiveness of his strategy to foster collaboration across industry sectors. Mr. Bowerbank has held a number of notable positions over his career that have opened his eyes to new opportunities and set the ground work for his efforts today.

World Green Building Council

As Executive Director/CEO of the World Green Building Council (2007-09), he worked with international leaders to establish green building networks across Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin & South Americas. During his tenure with the WorldGBC, he had the fortunate opportunity to work as a member representative for the United Nations Environmental Programme with a specific goal to deliver a global framework for major carbon reductions in buildings.

Books and Awards

As a published author, Mr. Bowerbank has had two of his books on Canada’s “bestselling authors” list and has produced a number of market reports on topics including sustainable urban development, electric vehicle infrastructure, low carbon economics, and more. In 2016, he was one of a very select few leaders to be presented with the award for leadership by "Canada's Clean50". In 2007, He received the Leader of the Year award by EnerQuality Corporation and the Ontario Home Builders Association for his contributions to sustainable community development and green home design.

Sustainable Development

Mr. Bowerbank’s direct support for the green economy began in 2001 while working as the Senior Manager of Sustainable Development with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). The TRCA is a leading Canadian organization with over 300 staff that oversees urban development surrounding the primary watersheds throughout the Greater Toronto Area. During his tenure with TRCA, Mr. Bowerbank worked with electric utility leaders to develop Conservation and Demand-side Management programming; he was also seconded to act as the Founding Executive Director of the Canada Green Building Council’s Toronto Chapter.


Mr. Bowerbank holds a bachelor’s degree in education and an honors diploma in Industrial Design with a focus on ergonomic science, materials and manufacturing processes, systems strategies, and transportation design. On June 23rd 2010, Mr. Bowerbank proudly received an honorary Bachelors degree in technology from Humber College in recognition of his professional accomplishments. He has also received numerous industry awards and recognitions for his keynote addresses, an activity he thoroughly enjoys. Mr. Bowerbank’s energetic style combined with his use of high-resolution graphics, photographs and animations make his presentations an event not to be missed.

Leadership Collaboration for a Low-Carbon Economy: Working Together for Economic & Environmental Success

Our Planet is showing visible signs of stress and we are realizing for the first time in our history that the resources required to develop new products and materials are reaching their limits. Leaders are beginning to rethink their development strategies as they strive to adapt to change; they are also recognizing the fact that no single group will have all the answers to ensure success. Leaders are breaking down competitive silos and are working together to educate professionals, engage public interest and advance corporate objectives. Collaboration in the marketplace is an effective strategy that has been showing positive results for many years now. Andrew Bowerbank will discuss low-carbon economic strategies under development in the marketplace and present projects that have successfully demonstrated how working together can transform an industry.

Driving Innovation in the Marketplace in Response to our Social, Economic and Environmental Condition

Global issues of our day including rapid population growth, climate change, resource depletion and more are projected to have a dramatic impact on society. What will be the global response strategy to these issues over the coming decades? Andrew Bowerbank will explore how investments in new technology innovations will help us plan for the future; and demonstrate how collaborative leadership can drive change in the marketplace towards a sustainable economy.

Energy Sector Developments for the Next Generation

Leaders around the world are striving to transform the way we use energy. We are looking for new ways to generate electricity based on renewable fuel systems, and transmit that electricity through “smart-grids”. We are also striving to keep up with the rapid advancements in technology; New technologies will support our efforts to modernize but many technologies like electric vehicles will also place a heavy burden on the global energy grid. With populations expected to rise to nine billion by 2050, we need to develop new strategies that will ensure future generations will have the energy infrastructure in place to meet their demands.

It's a Water World: Strategies to Manage our Base Resource for Energy and Economic Resilience

Water is high on the public and political agenda. The required investment in water infrastructure worldwide by 2030 has been estimated at US $22 trillion. Cities are highly motivated to better manage our water, and many are open to solutions that demonstrate cost-effectiveness through an integration of natural infrastructure in their planning. Andrew Bowerbank will explore how new innovative systems thinking and leadership collaboration can lead to effective water management in support of our growing urban infrastructures.

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  • “Andrew Bowerbank is a provocative, energetic and highly effective speaker. He regularly draws from his broad and diverse background to persuasively convey his message often aided by stunning graphic presentations.”

    Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
    Mark A. Salerno, District Manager
  • “I have had the pleasure of seeing Andrew Bowerbank speak on a number of occasions. In addition to his relaxed and natural demeanor on stage, Andrew brings a unique perspective on the global sustainability movement through the language of buildings – a language, he claims, that is increasingly universal. Through an easy to follow yet sophisticated narrative, Andrew takes his audiences through the causes of climate change, the unmistakable indicators of its existence and then proffers green building as a key part of the global solution. His multimedia presentation is a treat to watch and leaves audiences with a sense of urgency in the climate crisis, and a sense of inspiration that, not only do we have the solutions, but that we are a part of them.”

    The Innovolve Group Inc.
    Anthony M. Watanabe, President and CEO
  • “Visionary, articulate and compelling. Andrew paints a tremendous picture of the challenges and opportunities in the green building movement and challenges all to mobilize towards positive change and action. I recommend Andrew as an engaging speaker and motivating catalyst for positive change.”

    Royal Bank of Canada
    Gord Kerr, Head of Marketing
  • “I have had the pleasure of hearing Andrew Bowerbank speak on perhaps as many as twelve occasions, both from the audience and as a fellow panel speaker. I have always found him to be personable, engaging, genuine and professional. He is always very prepared, always clear, and always entertaining. I find him to be that rare sort of orator who simply exudes confidence, knowledge, and passion. His knowledge of green building is now global in scope and his breadth and depth of experience is amongst the best in the industry.”

    Sustainable Housing Foundation
    Lenard Hart , Executive Director
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