Bonnie Dean

Bonnie Dean

Celebrated Motivational Speaker, Known as the "Motion Coach"

Speaker Categories: Motivation with Humor | Life Balance | Team Building

Travels From: WA, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000*

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Celebrated Motivational Speaker,
Known as the "Motion Coach"

One of the original fitness instructors, marathon runner & Kauai backpacking guide in the 70s, today…she is a recovering aerobics instructor & fairy God mother to many! Bonnie deftly involves and guides her audiences using stories (theirs and her own) and activities that leave them with the gifts of appreciation and gratitude.  Sound like fun? IT IS! One audience member described her presentation as a blow-the-doors-off, knock-the-chairs-over, rattle-the-walls one –woman show.

The Motion Coach

She calls it “Bonnie Dean UNPLUGGED”, because there is NO PowerPoint, nothing fancy, just Bonnie, her suitcase of props & prizes, her trademark pair of sparkling tennis shoes, and your people having the time of their lives …while digesting a solid message! That’s Bonnie Dean in motion, helping people re-discover themselves.

Communication and Team Building

There are likely some people in the corporate arena who haven’t learned something from Bonnie, but there are probably few who haven’t had a terrific time in the process! Her extensive knowledge of value-based communication skills, team building through creativity and fun, her interactive teaching style and her understated sense of humor create a stimulating learning environment for industry professionals and layman alike!

Motivational Speaker

“Bonnie has a knack for conveying the human side of communication”, says Shirley Salter of Boeing North America. People walk out the door feeling good about WHO THEY ARE!”  Her gift is taking common sense tools and creating uncommon results by putting the focus on the audience and letting them shine!”  Her programs have been heard from South Africa to Canada, Australia to France… and all the places in between.

Human Resources

Bonnie takes organizations and people to deeper levels of commitment, accountability, caring, connection & community.  While your people are laughing along they’re learning valuable life skills about how to better get along with others, communicating, appreciation and gleaning the most from the times of our lives.


Heard most recently in South Africa on ‘Cape Town Talk’ and on Café 104.3 in Bellingham, WA, Bonnie is a frequent quest on KTLA TV’s Making IT - morning show doing motivational minutes. Known internationally as ‘The Motion Coach’ for getting people up and off their assets… Bonnie helps take black and white affairs and turns them into Technicolor extravaganzas!


Bonnie is the contributing author of three books: Magnetic Leadership, Give Stress A Rest and Rising to the Top.

Bonnie's Programs

If there is only one thing to say about Bonnie's programs, they are customized. The common denominator (along with fun) is results. Bonnie will get the job done. Her programs are consistently successful for creating positive change in customer service, team performance, sales and leadership. As an international speaker, Bonnie has worked with CEO's to front line warriors, from home-based businesses to the United States Air Force.

GenerationBABBLE or Why Do I always Sound Like a Boomer?

For the first time in our history there ate five generations actively working, living and attempting to make a difference on our planet. Discover how to better understand, communicate with and live in harmony with those not as perfect as your generation. Together we can jump these 'Generation Gaps' to 'Generation GAINS'! A humorous approach to the core values that shape each generation, packed with solid content & eye opening examples.Perfect for team events, customer service how to's, women's events, leadership and sales.

You’ve Got The Power… Are YOU Connected!

Fun, entertaining with a solid message of H.O.P.E. healing & ways to ENJOY more happiness in the life of your business and the business of your life. Reenergize & FOCUS on doing the little things well! Walk away with a lilt in your step, a new perspective on life and the business (at home and in the office) at hand. Learn how to keep your Power connected.
•The Power of THOUGHT – What we FOCUS on tends to EXPAND! Self-Talk & the Power it has over us.
•The Power of CHOICE – Choice Management! Cut the Frustration Power cord
•The Power of ATTITUDE 1st response STAT! What your attitude adds up to!
•The Power of CONNECTIONS *(Could put Polaroid moments in here)The magic of a minute & ½ 90 second ‘power-connections’
•The Power of the 7th Sense-How it affects our Emotional Immune Systems (EIS)
Brace yourself to be entertained, motivated, challenged, and inspired to enjoy better results by this goddess of gusto - and REALITY!

Creating Polaroid Moments!

There are moments in life that shape our lives, change our thought process or steer us in a different direction. Often fleeting… yet some grab our attention & cause us to catch our breath. Join Bonnie as she shares secrets gleaned from her five decades on this planet of possibilities. Laugh and learn with Bonnie as she explains the 5 E’s…
1. ENGAGE in “Polaroid Moments” that help create C.O.R.E. Connections.
2. ENHANCE “Connecting” Skills – the most important lessons Bonnie has learned and core values that carried her through the lean years. Tale the Five Penny Challenge & create magical moments for others.
3. EXPECT more from yourself & others. Ways to create memories that last a lifetime!
4. ENERGIZE your creativity & clear the clutter from your mind.
5. ENJOY!!! Life is short…share it with a friend.
Now go create your own Polaroid moments!

Laughter is A SERIOUS Business!

A sense of humor can improve your career, relationships, sense of self-worth and general all-around health. This session will touch on several aspects of laughter, the power it holds, and ways to incorporate laughter into your daily life at home and in the workplace You will learn:
•How to put fun into the life of your business and the business of your life!
•The six letter word that can destroy your life.
•Why a day is wasted in which we don't laugh!
•The five-penny challenge and the focus it creates.
•How to turn frustration into fascination.
•The healing power of humor
•How to make laughter a daily event.
•What all centenarians have in common

"Take a Stand! It's Time"

Let Your Spirit Soar & Your SOLE Sing! (Ideal for woman's groups, spouse programs) Brace yourself to be entertained, motivated, challenged and inspired by international speaker BONNIE DEAN. Drawing on personal life experiences she will lead you on an inward journey that will being tears of laughter to your eyes and allow your heart to sing and dance! Why she hasn't been on OPRAH is a mystery after bouncing back from life's hard knocks over the past two decades and still managing to find the humor in life's lessons. A wife, step mom, rollerblading grandmother of 3, and fairy Godmother to many, Bonnie shares the "human" side of communication with her audiences in a fun, fast paced interactive presentation. Utilizing music and games Bonnie will involve and captivate you in a heartbeat. Look for several surprises during the program as several audience members were interviewed prior to the event and will be included in the program!

"Team is Not a Four Letter Word!" A TEAM EVENT!

A roadmap for a team by design, not by accident! A fun, fast-paced highly interactive team event for those who want to win big in today's competitive marketplace. Bonnie will challenge you will humor, inspiration and a heart to heart program that electrifies! 2-4 hours works best for the highest level of interfacing and involvement. Interviews are conducted prior to event and team members are highlighted and spotlighted throughout presentation!

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  • I can say that a great deal of the positive feedback we heard after the meeting was because or you. You certainly earned yourself a roomful of fans (especially me!) Hopefully we will have a chance to work with you again In the near future. In the meantime, If anyone asks me to refer a professional speaker, I will respond with that Zen-like mantra of "BoogedySHOES!"

    Frank Grunder
    Marketing Director, Alexander's Moving & Storage
  • Your enthusiasm and professionalism was very refreshing. In addition, I appreciated that you tailored your presentation to meet the needs or our organization. We needed a boost at the start of the conference and you were able to get all the juices flowing. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future. It you ever need a reference please feel free to use our association."

    Linda M. Barnett
    President, California Municipal Treasurers Association
  • Thanks to your flexibility with the last minute changes due to the snowstorm. I am particularly appreciative of the time you spent to fully understand The Pampered Chef and the concerns of our sales force. Your efforts showed a commitment to your audience and the results were right on the mark!"

    Maggie Fredricks
    Senior Manager, Meetings & Incentives, The Pampered Chef Ltd
  • Your presentation gets team members to start thinking as one cohesive division instead of the fragmented units that often plight the business world. I can sincerely say there is an upbeat attitude circulating in out service centers. Your enthusiasm is contagious and refreshing and I wish you well as you continue to inspire others. It was a pleasure to have you speak. and I hope our paths will cross again."

    Robert Lonardo
    Senior Vice President, Blue Shield of California
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