Brett Trusko

Brett Trusko

Healthcare and Technology Futurist and Co-Author of the Healthcare 2020 series.

Speaker Categories: Healthcare Industry | Information Technology Industry | Futurist | Healthcare Policy

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Healthcare and Technology Futurist

Dr. Brett Trusko, is the president and chief executive officer of the International Association of Innovation Professionals. He is also an assistant professor at Texas A&M University. Dr. Trusko has been a thought leader in healthcare, technology, and innovation for the past 15 years. He is also a world-renowned futurist who speaks and writes about trends in most major industries. He has served in positions of leadership advising several governments and large corporations.


The International Association of Innovation Professionals (IAIP) was founded by Dr. Trusko on the belief that all civilizations should be prepared to innovate in an effort to solve the world’s problems. The association organizes, defines, and prepares professionals for certification in innovation in an effort to assure employers that their hires are qualified, to guide higher education in the preparation of innovation professionals, and to collaborate with consultants in the preparation of these individuals.

Medical Futurist

Dr. Trusko is also an adjunct faculty at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Baylor College of Medicine. He’s an independent consultant and professional speaker/futurist. With his responsibilities with the association and his numerous writings, he has quickly become a global expert on innovation strategy. The majority of Dr. Trusko’s career was spent with large international consulting firms, finishing that career as a managing director. He has been an academic for the past eight years and founded the International Association of Innovation Professionals in 2013. Inasmuch as the association is the only independent innovation certification organization in the world, he is enjoying the process of building this global confederation.


Dr. Trusko has a bachelor’s degree in biology, a bachelor’s degree in accounting, an MBA in new product development, and a doctorate in business administration. He has been certified as a project manager and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He is also a fellow in the Healthcare Financial Management Association. As the association begins the certification process, he expects to earn a credential as a Certified Innovation Professional.


Dr. Trusko is the author of several books on the future of health care and best practices including The Global Handbook of Innovation (2013), Developing the Value Proposition (2013), Improving Healthcare Cost and Quality with Six Sigma (2007), and The Governance, Risk, and Compliance Handbook: Technology, Finance, Environmental, and International Guidance and Best Practices (2008).


Dr. Trusko has been published several hundred times in journals and magazines around the world. He is the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Innovation Science and the editor and author of the Global Innovation Science Handbook. His journal, the International Journal of Innovation Science, has an international subscriber base of several thousand.

Healthcare 20/20 – Bringing the Future into Focus (Customizable for Board Retreats to Large Conferences)

Understanding where healthcare’s been and where it is going is a major consideration to groups involved in healthcare. This could include anything from strategy sessions where the future cost of healthcare is considered to large healthcare conferences for entertainment/educational purposes. People are interested in why healthcare is what it is and where it is going. This presentation can also be adapted to other industries in special cases.

The Seven Deadly Errors (Large Groups, Keynote Format)

Dr. Trusko has identified seven distinct causes for medical mistakes. Only by understanding these causes can patients, employers and governments begin to understand how to address them for the future.

Dynamic Six Sigma (audiences of all sizes, educational)

Six Sigma is generally though of as a game for engineers and statisticians. While more enlightened individuals understand that Six Sigma is more, the methodology is still rather limited and inflexible. Dynamic Six Sigma helps the organization transform itself utilizing Six Sigma and the power of transformational change.

Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma (Audiences of all sizes)

Medical Mistakes are a favorite of new shows. Six Sigma is an approach to reduce medical errors and improve both the quality and cost of healthcare. This presentation explains how healthcare is utilizing quality initiatives such as Six Sigma to improve healthcare for the patient and their family.

  • Global Innovation Science Handbook
    Global Innovation Science Handbook Purchase Book
  • Maximizing Value Propositions to Increase Project Success Rates
    Maximizing Value Propositions to Increase Project Success Rates Purchase Book
  • Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma
    Improving Healthcare Quality and Cost with Six Sigma Purchase Book

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