Brian Holloway

Brian Holloway

Former Captain New England Patriots, Stanford All-American & 5 Time NFL All-Pro

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Travels From: FL, United States.

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A Stanford All-American and 5-Time NFL All-Pro, Brian Holloway, the 6' 7", 320-pound powerhouse excelled as the Team Captain of the 1985 New England Patriots, AFC Championship Team. In 1986, at age 26, Holloway became the youngest Vice-President in the history of the NFL Players Association. He was one of the principal architects of the NFL's growth strategy that produced a landmark $18 Billion TV contract in 1998. Still serving as a consultant to new NFL franchise purchases, Brian's "future thinking" ensures that he will be an active presence in the National Football League for years to come.  

Hired by over 200 Fortune 500 Companies from around the world - Brian Holloway has set himself apart in delivering high performance value for the hard charging corporate competitors. Multi-Billion dollar giant HP and Compaq called on Brian to help meld these two extra-ordinary world cultures into one single, focused, turned-on TEAM during their mega- merger.

Featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, USA Today, 700 Club, TBN - Brian is recognized for his elite status as a TEAMBUILDING expert & visionary. His client list includes Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Honeywell, MBNA, Bank of America, Apple, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Cisco Systems, State Farm, SalomonSmithBarney, Knight Trading, AIG, Reebok, DaimlerChrysler, Best Buy, Wachovia Bank, and thousands more. Brian Holloway has been a featured guest lecturer at Harvard's BusinessSchool, StanfordUniversity, Princeton, New York Graduate School of Business and WilliamsCollege.

Brian Holloway’s presentations are lively & entertaining but also direct, frank, and he does not waste words. He brings a level of "intensity" and "focus" to the table - that moves, inspires and changes people. This intellectual capital comes from his 16 years of experience inside the super-culture of Championship TEAMS and the ten years spent inside corporate boardrooms. As a consultant to Billion dollar companies, Brian brings his sales and marketing expertise that transforms thinking, uncovering millions in increased sales. As an international Motivational Futurist, his speaking engagements reach over 1 million people world-wide. President Clinton recognized Brian as one of America's top emerging leaders. His Executive Boot camps - by invitation only - are hard-charging.

Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Walsh - NFL Dynasty Crafter, calls Brian Holloway… "A true champion. A playmaker and a leader that calls out the best in people."

Customer Service and securing the Platinum Life Client

In the NFL we had to create them -- our die-hard loyal fans -- with our enthusiasm, energy, expertise, and performance. In the business community, the winning strategy is also to win die-hard loyal clients. This keynote address gives a first time look into the best practices of "Our Platinum Touch," the industry of Professional Sports, and our strategies to win CLIENTS FOR LIFE. This tremendous segmented marketing push, consistent multi-generational relationship building, and extraordinary service opened the doors for the NFL's landmark 1998 $18 Billion TV "Platinum" contract.

Vision Driven Performance -- Getting to the Future First

This dynamic keynote features the trade secrets of NFL Teams who consistently win. This content-filled power hour details strategic visioning, crafting "real" stretch goals, and building memory maps to an extraordinary future the way world class competitors do. This highly developed, exercised skill produces quantum achievement -- fast! In corporate terms, this is about setting and achieving stretch goals that are far beyond the current resources and thinking.

Unstoppable Teams and The Leadership Within

In the NFL, winning was about great dreams that could only be achieved by working seamlessly together. The culture exuded confidence. Leadership and decisions were pushed down to the front line. We were absolutely empowered to win! Winning teams excelled at speedy information sharing -- in short, learning and improving at every level. The Leaders, their language, their attitudes, and their vision created the pathways to a dynamic future and the breakthroughs to get there. In the corporate world, organizations and workteams that operate under this team commitment and learning context are worlds apart from those that operate under the traditional command and control model of management.

Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Change to Win Market Share

For the truly great competitors and teams, adversity, change, and pressure created the vital, dynamic tension that called forth our very best in impossible time frames. This is not about acrobatic catches, hard hits and body slams -- this carefully crafted keynote, provides strategic information on "how the very best athletes communicated to themselves is the face of the great adversity." The quality, clarity, and simplicity of this communication provides precise solutions when none seems available to others. In the corporate world this skill is of paramount importance in the current competitive power shift -- shifting value from quality, speed, and process re-engineering to crafting what never existed before.

Family, Honor, and Relationships in the New World of Shifts and Extremes

In the turbulent market and competitive demands of creating new business, work hours often encroach upon sacred boundaries committed to family and self. This keynote will provide a compelling story about how we successfully preserve our boundaries and honor each other while we pull together as a family. This is a very meaningful program with spouses and significant others. Hear the high energy, humorous stories of how our blended family of seven children (including two teenagers and a newborn) preserves what we cherish the most -- each other and a future that is meaningful and inclusive.

Crisis, Chaos, and Achieving the Impossible

Two hundred fifty thousand prospects and only 259 get drafted in the NFL --then only 189 make the team. The average career lasts only 3 years, 40% of the team will turn-over every year, new management strategies will be introduced every 18 months and your replacement is currently on the team. In the NFL, there is no margin for error and you must do well at what most people cannot do at all. Your winning attitude is grounded with confidence, in an extraordinary belief system that produces results in difficult or impossible situations. This competitive position no longer holds on to the myth that change must be slow, difficult, and painful.

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  • “I have been totally inspired by your speech today – it gave me the desire to be the very best leader anyone could be and I can only do that through my TEAM @ 4205 – we’re the best!”

    Gabriele Zarecer
    Albertsons, Store Director
  • “Brian confirmed my beliefs in TEAMWORK and the value of people in any organizations success.”

    Tom Weekley
    UAW, Assistant Director
  • “I never knew football players could be such eloquent speakers – Brian is a wonderful motivational Speaker and is a testimonial to people who say it can’t e done! He is proof it can be done! ”

    Eilum Gilbert
    Verizon Information Services, DSM
  • “The focus in individual responsibilities is right on target for employees who need to interact in their family business environment on a daily basis.”

    Bob Sutton
    Medicine Shoppe, Director
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