Cal LeMon

Cal LeMon

Founder and President of Executive Enrichment, Inc

Speaker Categories: Communications | Team Building | Stress Management & Humor in Workplace | Change Management

Travels From: MO, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000*

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Cal LeMon Bio
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Effectively using his first career as a Chaplain at Harvard University and senior minister of a large, multi-staffed congregation, Dr. Cal LeMon has evolved, in the past 18 years, as one of this nation’s most captivating keynote speaker and adept business consultant.

Dr. LeMon is the founder and president of Executive Enrichment, Inc., a nationally known corporate training and consulting firm.

Finding a professional speaker or corporate trainer who spends more time talking about the client than himself/herself can be a daunting task.  Cal learned in his ministerial career that you only get people’s attention when they know you care about them.  Add business acumen learned from becoming an entrepreneur with a natural, unrehearsed sense of humor and Dr. LeMon’s presentations have been described as “taking an MBA degree on the stage of ‘Saturday Night Live’.”

The Society for Human Resource Management (Washington, DC) has called Dr. LeMon, “one of the ten best business speakers in America.”

The best proof of any speaker’s value is his/her calendar. Dr. LeMon makes approximately 100 presentations a year and at least 70% of those engagements are repeat clients.

Some of the clients who keeping bringing Cal back include Southwestern Bell, El Paso Corporation, The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Gannett Newspapers, American Legal Administrators and the U.S. Navy.

Dr. LeMon has written extensively as a guest columnist on the Opinion Page of USA TODAY. His articles have appeared in HR Magazine and Employee Relations Today. Dr. LeMon’s best selling audiocassette series, “Assertiveness: The Right Choice” can be found on the shelves of Barnes and Noble Booksellers.

Cal believes his best accomplishments in life are his 38-year marriage, two daughters and two grandchildern.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership development
  • Creativity as a business strategy
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Conflict resolution

Target Audience:

Dr. LeMon is especially effective with senior management teams and leadership conferences. Cal is a frequent guest of TEC (The Executive Committee) where he provides both insight and skills for the senior manager or corporate executive.

Reasons To Hire This Speaker:

  • Uses humor found in the audience, not a joke book
  • Genuinely studies the client’s industry, culture and future.
  • Always provides a specific, hands-on application for the attendee to “practice” what has just been presented.

Dancing With Difficult People

Most of us want to annihilate difficult people; dancing with them is a stretch. This workshop makes the factual case that difficult people will keep showing up... regardless of our best efforts. The art of working with these cretins of the coffee break is to understand the causes of their negative energy and then redirect them or, "lead the dance."

Greasing-Up the Stuck Employee

Some employees show up every day, but have quit his/her job a long time ago. These people are stuck in routines, habits and thinking that is counterproductive to where your organization is going. This workshop will supply practical suggestions for "assisting" the stuck employee into "going with the flow."

Forgiveness as a Business Strategy

The "payback system" is alive and well in most organizations. Some members of your staff have very long memories when they believe they were a victim. For these people every work day is another attempt to balance out the scales of personal justice by "getting even." Unfortunately, it is never enough. There is never enough satisfaction derived from vengeance. So the payback game is played over and over... at the expense of the organization that regularly loses productivity to the game…that no one ever wins.

The Perception Principle

Perception does equal reality. Whatever we perceive, through all of our senses and intuition-is reality. Perception, therefore, is a strong organizing principle of all communication. This workshop is designed for companies and work groups that are struggling to understand why staff continues to "get the wrong message." The course opens with a unique inventory that will identify for the participant what are the sources of reality (perceptions) in his/her workplace.

The Master Trainer

For organizations that want to develop competent, internal trainers, this two-day workshop offers a "hands-on" learning experience. Dr. LeMon will share the practical insights he has gleaned over 30 years of presenting organizational education programs accented with the latest research into how adults learn. This combination will result in Dr. LeMon offering practical instruction with periodic opportunities for the participants to get on their feet to present short training modules using the skills they have learned. All of the participants will have one training presentation recorded on video tape for Dr. LeMon and the class to evaluate. Because of this intensive setting, this class is limited to no more than 12 participants.

Moving From Bargaining to Negotiation

Whether it is buying a new car, agreeing on a time for a teenager to be back home with the family car or, a labor contract, interpersonal negotiation skills are necessary to navigate through life. This course provides the framework for principle-centered negotiation, not bargaining.

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  • “Frankly, I think that our success has had as much to do with the staff’s confidence in you and your leadership as with the content of the program. Your rapport was almost instant—it made all the difference.”

    Bill Bertera
    Executive Director American Public Works Association
  • “In the most recent quarter, following your customer service training, we have climbed to the 94 percentile in our peer group….”

    Paul W. Luce, RN
    Director Emergency Trauma Center St. John’s Hospital
  • “On behalf of the entire management team of AWG, thank you for your very professional and entertaining approach to a very difficult subject.”

    Frank Tricamo
    Vice President Associated Wholesale Grocers
  • "Thank you again for participating as a speaker in Las Vegas at the STN Western State Conference and Trade Show. Not surprisingly, your presentations were among the best received and most popular. You've got a great platform style. To say nothing of having a great message."

    Bill Paul
    Editor and Publisher, School Transportation News
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