Cheryl Cran

Cheryl Cran

Leadership Consultant, Generational Expert and Author

Speaker Categories: Multigenerational | Leadership | Small Business | Business Communication | Generational Marketing | Women Workforce Issues | Innovation | Finance Industry | Team Building

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Leadership Consultant, Generational Expert and Author

Cheryl Cran is the founder of NextMapping™/ and the CEO of parent company Synthesis at Work Inc. For over twenty years Cheryl has worked with over one hundred different industries, in over one dozen countries and with thousands of audiences worldwide. Her company Evolutionary Business Solutions provides consulting solutions, training solutions and keynote presentations on leadership, change and business growth.

Generational Expert

Industries that Cheryl has worked with include agriculture, health, pharma, finance, insurance, associations, medical, retail, manufacturing, pest control, funeral, entrepreneurs, education and many more. The common elements among all industries is the need for leaders to effectively deal with ongoing challenges such as attracting and retaining top talent, leading multiple generations, leading change in traditional organizations, transforming people to perform at higher levels and ultimately to grow the business. In the twenty years of being the CEO of the consulting firm Synthesis at Work Inc. Cheryl Cran has helped leaders and their teams to evolve their executive, leadership and team skill levels so that they can increase results.

High-Performance Leadership

Cheryl’s background includes being a high performing leader in her early twenties in the finance and insurance industries. While in the banking industry she was promoted quickly at the age of twenty three to management and from there was groomed to area manager leadership. After ten successful years as a leader in banking she was head hunted by a national financial insurance company to head up their regional portfolio. In the two years she was there her team helped to grow the company and increase market share by thirty percent.


From insurance she was wooed back to finance and was in charge of growing a mortgage portfolio to ten million and she and her partner did so within a ten month time frame. In the early nineties she was approached by a major consulting firm and became an intern for one year before setting out to set up her own practice in 1994. Since then Cheryl’s experience and training in organizational development, leadership development, communication planning, project management and more has provided growth, evolution and success for her global clients.


She is the author of 5 books including the best selling, 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work and her E-Book Leadership Mastery In a Digital Age. Her latest book is NextMapping - Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work. Her articles have been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Forbes, Metro New York, Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan, Selling Power, Builder Woman magazine, Managing People, Meeting Planners Industry and more. Cheryl’s work is being licensed in countries worldwide such as Malaysia, Singapore, China, Italy, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Canada, United States and more.

Professional Speaker

Her company Synthesis at Work Inc is the parent company to Evolutionary Business Solutions, TMI Canada and TACK Canada multinational training and consulting firms in over sixty countries. Cheryl is the Past President of the Global Speakers Federation 2012/2013 and on the board of directors since 2010. In December 2012 she was inducted into the Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame and is a Certified Speaking Professional a globally recognized designation.

The Best Way to Create the Future is to Map It

Many disruptions including government shifts, global disasters, mergers and acquisitions, artificial intelligence, robotics, and changing worker attitudes is causing the need for leaders to be able to map the future of work for their company and for their teams. The type of leadership that is needed during these fast-paced times is the ability to flex in times of flux. Agility, adaptability and innovation are key attributes that will help leaders to drive the change and transformation needed to get to the future of work. This future of work keynote provides insights into the future of work and strategies to proactively map the future as a leader. Dynamic ideas and creative approaches to help build future ready leadership that drives transformation towards the future of work.

The Future of Work Is Now – Are You Ready?

Employee engagement, creating future ready leaders, attracting and retaining top talent are all elements that are rapidly changing and impacting the way we work and how we need to change to meet the challenges of the future workplace today. This keynote will provide researched global business insights, thought provoking, creative, leading edge ideas and strategies on how leaders can take immediate action to increase team buy in, adaptability and execution NOW as we head towards 2030.

Future Ready Teams - how to create agile, adaptable & innovative teams

This future of teams’ keynote provides dynamic insights into the future of teams and how team structure is morphing to meet the real-time disruptions and demands of fast changing world. Research shows that small teams with highly motivated and engaged individuals are able to innovate and execute very quickly. The impact on business with high performing teams is faster ideas to market, nimble solutions for client experience and ultimately competitive advantage.

The Future of Attracting & Keeping Top Talent

Fortune 500 CEO’s surveyed state that even with the age of robotics they are planning to continue to seek and hire talented people well into 2020 and beyond. The competition for attracting top talent is increasing, and as quickly as people are being hired and trained other industries are approaching and poaching talent. In addition the increase in freelance and entrepreneur opportunities for millennials is making the talent search even more challenging.

Generations: How to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work

This Generations keynote is based on the content of Cheryl’s best selling book, “101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work” this keynote is all about harnessing the strengths of each of the generations to move business forward. 101waysResearch shows that the generations impact is being felt by all industries world wide, the challenges include dealing with different work values, attracting and keeping Gen X and Y employees, succession planning for Zoomers, retiring Zoomers, and more. This Generations keynote is not about ‘what we need to know’ about each of the generations, rather its more about ‘what’ do we do as leaders to further engage, motivate and lead the multiple generations in the workplace.

Grow Business: Evolutionary Leadership for Growing Your Business

Every department in the organization helps to grow the business. Whether you are in Sales, Operations, Accounting, IT or HR every single department is a ‘grow your business network‘ that contributes to the company’s overall growth. As leaders everything we do helps to drive business forward and our team performance is linked with our business performance. The opportunity for leaders is to evolve their skills and the skills of their team members and in evolving skills and grow business solutions we have the ability to further grow your small business, grow your large business and grow your business network.
  • NextMapping - Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work
    NextMapping - Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work Purchase Book
  • Leadership Mastery In The Digital Age: How to Lead Change, Transform People & Grow Business
    Leadership Mastery In The Digital Age: How to Lead Change, Transform People & Grow Business Purchase Book
  • 101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work
    101 Ways to Make Generations X, Y and Zoomers Happy at Work Purchase Book
  • The Control Freak Revolution: Make Your Most Maddening Behaviors Work for Your Company and to Your Advantage
    The Control Freak Revolution: Make Your Most Maddening Behaviors Work for Your Company and to Your Advantage Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • NextMapping - Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work
    NextMapping - Anticipate, Navigate and Create The Future of Work Purchase Book
  • Leadership Mastery In The Digital Age: How to Lead Change, Transform People & Grow Business
    Leadership Mastery In The Digital Age: How to Lead Change, Transform People & Grow Business Purchase Book


  • Cheryl Cran was keynote speaker for the Hospitality Leadership Forum, part of the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show. Our audience of hospitality industry leaders and students embraced Cheryl’s message of ‘shared leadership’ and the need to upgrade his or her leadership operating system. Cheryl’s presentation was multidimensional and engaging thanks to her audience interaction, humor, and technology. Cheryl encouraged attendees to text and tweet throughout – a great boost to the level of engagement. The feedback received from our attendees was extremely positive, and she was a terrific addition to our conference program.

    Director Convention & Events
  • “Cheryl Cran is not Sheryl Crow but she is a rock star none the less! We had Cheryl as our closing keynote speaker for a series of programs for our leadership groups. Cheryl worked with us on over a dozen events where she delivered to about 6000 general managers in total from the AT&T system. Her keynote, “Lead with 2020 Vision” was THE icing on the proverbial cake of our two day events. Her ability to weave in the messages of the other presenters, her ability to engage the groups with humor, fun, authenticity and provocative thought was quite simply amazing and EXACTLY what we needed as a close to our events. Her stage presence, her use of audience interaction and her depth of knowledge on how today’s leaders can lead change, transform people and grow business in the digital age was the reason we hired her and she is so easy to work with, it was a pleasure to have her on our team. We would definitely work with Cheryl again”

    AT&T University
  • Cheryl Cran facilitated our annual Executive Strategy meeting in February 2014 and we are ecstatic with the results. With Cheryl’s help we were able to refocus and gain clarity on our brand message to our customers, what needs to happen internally to fulfill the brand promise and what we as executive leaders need to transform in order to lead the company into its next level of success. Cheryl spent time with me and the team prior to the strategy meeting in a series of conference calls to gather input and data to help form the direction of the strategy meeting. She created an online survey to gather information and personal views on the challenges and the opportunities for the company and how the executive team viewed the future. Cheryl has a unique ability to gather tremendous data and content, sift through it and then provide a clear and simple pathway that helps the leaders and the business to grow. Her style is direct yet fun and she is deeply insightful into the personal growth needed by each individual in order for him or her to be able to contribute at higher levels to the overall goals of the company. Cheryl as a leadership expert is consultative, creative and results focused we look forward to working with her again.

    Omnitel Communications
  • “We had Cheryl Cran as one of our main speakers at our annual HR Summit 2013 in Singapore, this event is the largest HR event of its’ kind in Asia. Cheryl’s session on ‘Lead With 2020 Vision’ was eye opening and very relevant to the HR professionals attending this event. Her combination of trend research, humour, and audience interaction was a hit with our group. We would love to work with Cheryl again.”

    Event Manager
    Key Media Pte Ltd
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