Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch

Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch

Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), Founder & President of Educational Achievement Services, Inc., Author, Motivational Speaker, and Educator

Speaker Categories: Military | Women, Family | Youth | Education Industry | Education | Family Issues | Patriotism | Diversity, Inclusion | Female Motivational | Overcoming Obstacles | Defense Industry | Diversity, Inclusion | Spanish Speaking

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Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired), Founder & President of Educational Achievement Services, Inc., Author, Motivational Speaker, and Educator

Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch is a renowned charismatic, passionate and influential speaker who carries her powerful message of what it takes to be an effective leader in today's global marketplace to hundreds of schools, colleges/universities, corporations, and government institutions, both in the U.S. and abroad. For the last ten years Consuelo has dedicated her life to empowering a new generation of Hispanic leaders and has worked with over one million children and their parents across the United States through Educational Achievement Services, Inc. (EAS), a company she founded in 1994.


Born and raised in a tiny barrio in Laredo, Tex., Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch overcame poverty, discrimination and illiteracy to become a successful role model of leadership through her tireless work with the disenfranchised Latinos through uniquely holistic approaches which dynamically connect parents, students, educators and community leaders to move the community forward. 


While in the military, Ms. Kickbusch broke records and glass ceilings to become the highest-ranking Hispanic woman in the Combat Support Field of the U.S. Army. In 1996, she was selected out of 26,000 candidates to assume a command post, which would put her on track for the rank of general officer. Ms. Kickbusch respectfully declined the honor and retired as a 22-year veteran of the U.S. Army to fulfill a personal mission of inspiring and preparing Latino families to empowerment.

Educational Achievement Services, Inc.

Realizing her dream, she founded Educational Achievement Services, Inc., which features the Family Leadership Institute, and established the organization’s mission of “Preparing tomorrow’s leaders today!” The Institute helps parents take part in their children’s education so their children stay in school and pursue advanced degrees. To date Ms. Kickbusch as worked with over 1 million students and 5,000 parents nationwide and has graduated more than 2,000 families from her Family Leadership Institute in five states.


To date Ms. Kickbusch has won numerous awards and has been featured in numerous English and Hispanic media nationwide. Recently she was awarded the American University Women of Distinction Award, the City Public Service Amazing Energy Award for community leadership, Vista Magazine Education Award, and the prestigious Hispanic Heritage Foundation Award for leadership. She is also on the board of trustees for Bennett College. Notably, Ms. Kickbusch was one of six Latinos recognized for their work in the community and was invited to the White House to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with President Bush. 

Motivational Speaker

As a motivational speaker, Ms. Kickbusch inspires Fortune 500 CEOs as well as educators, children and their parents. Her book, Journey to the Future: A Roadmap for Success for Youth, offers children practical techniques to increase their self-esteem and a framework for early leadership development. As an in-demand motivational speaker and community leader she continues to carry her powerful messages of servant leadership, community service, self-empowerment, parental engagement, and the importance of educational excellence to communities around the nation. Ms. Kickbusch’s powerful and passionate messages about the importance of diversity, effective leadership, and taking charge to overcome challenges in our communities resonates with all audiences.  

Living a Legacy

Are you living your legacy? A legacy is not just something a person leaves behind after they die; rather it is the way in which they live their life. Through an interactive and introspective presentation, Consuelo Castillo Kickbusch guides participants through their vision of the future and the goals that they want to accomplish for themselves and for their community. She inspires and challenges participants to become living legends in their professional and personal lives. Her unique emotional style of delivery that has the audiences rolling with laughter, attempting to hold back tears and inevitably on their feet in a standing ovation. Through humor and hard-hitting facts she encourages participants to be servant leaders at work and in their community. Participants learn to live their legacy by leading with their soul.

Going Forward Without Forgetting — Avanzando Y No Olvidando

This keynote focuses on reflecting on ones traditions and values of times past and their importance in our development and growth today. Appreciation of diverse cultures and their contributions to today’s society is emphasized. We can “go forward without forgetting” what a rich heritage our cultures offer, and apply under-appreciated ethics and values to today’s world. The issues of self-esteem and leadership styles are presented in a context in which the past is melded with the present, and offers alternatives we can use in our personal development that will enhance our leadership styles. This is especially relevant to professionals going into the 21st century with a renewed spirit to meet new challenges, pursue higher educational opportunities, and to cherish the joys of living in today’s world!

Servant Leadership: A New Call To Duty

Leadership is not about you. Leadership is about serving. This keynote addresses the philosophy of servant leadership and one’s call to duty. Using her life as an example, from barely surviving in the barrio of Laredo, Texas to receiving an award from the President at the White House, Consuelo serves her audience by challenging them to look inwards and rise to the call of action. In this presentation, Consuelo stresses the importance of Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today! The audience will not leave without hearing the message that “leadership” is not just a framed, wall decoration, but it is an action that one must take for the betterment of his community and the generation to follow. Her lectures on Servant Leadership move audiences to standing ovations, and move people to serve.

Valuing Diversity

This keynote provides participants with the different dimensions of diversity in today’s environment. Learning to accommodate cultural differences is important for managers and employees in order to be successful in the work environment. Moreover, it is important in parenting and education as well. Aspects of cultural differences, strengths and challenges will be examined and examples will be provided. LTC Kickbusch will provide her personal story of challenges and triumphs as a child of the “barrio” who succeeded in spite of many cultural, social and educational obstacles. She gently guides her audience to a better understanding of cultural differences and similarities, as she emphasizes that appreciation of diverse cultures and their contributions to today’s society is a very important element of team-building and team-work, which makes for a successful, productive work environment. LTC Kickbusch will provide insights on yet another necessity for successful professional development and personal growth. This introspective keynote will force participants to look inward at themselves, their work environments, and communities and motivate them to take action.

  • Journey to the Future: A Roadmap for Success for Youth
    Journey to the Future: A Roadmap for Success for Youth Purchase Book

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  • Journey to the Future: A Roadmap for Success for Youth
    Journey to the Future: A Roadmap for Success for Youth Purchase Book
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