Dan Clark

Dan Clark

Best-Selling Author & Expert on Leadership and Business Development

Speaker Categories: Overcoming Obstacles | Motivational Business | Human Resources | Change Management | Team Building | Change Management | Corporate Culture | Headliners, Motivation | Inspirational

Travels From: UT, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $10,001 to $20,000*

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Best-Selling Author & Expert on Leadership
and Business Development

As a modern day Napoleon Hill, DAN CLARK has interviewed, studied and worked with the most powerful and successful business leaders, political and military leaders, and world champion athletes of our generation, which is why companies around the globe bring Dan in for his expertise in developing emerging leaders, increasing sales and productivity, building winning teams in the midst of mergers and acquisitions, and transforming the culture of an organization from successful to significance.

Keynote Speaker

Since 1982, Dan has been one of the most in-demand speakers in the world, having spoken in all 50 states, 54 countries, on six continents, to over 4500 audiences, to more than 4 million people, and many times to our combat troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.


Mentored for over 25 years by the great Zig Ziglar in the art and science of motivational teaching, Dan was inducted into the National Speakers Hall of Fame and is continuously hired by extraordinary organizations including AT&T, NASA, Microsoft, National Football League, United Nations, Marriott Hotels, Lincoln Financial, Wells Fargo, Delta Airlines, McDonalds, Sotheby’s and countless trade associations who offer rave reviews on Dan’s unique ability to customize his speeches and connect with each audience member.


Dan was named “One of The Top Ten Motivational Speakers In The World” in 2015 by Espeakers. Dan received the same honor in 2000 from Achievers Canada and Achievers Europe.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Dan is a primary contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, a New York Times Best Selling Author, CEO, university professor, leadership trainer, international business consultant, athlete, philanthropist, and the 2012 Utah Father of the Year.


Add to this Dan’s incredible once-in-a-lifetime personal experiences of soaring to the edge of space in a U2 spy plane, flying twice the speed of sound with the Air Force Thunderbirds, racing automobiles at Nurburgring, running the Olympic Torch in the 2002 Winter Games, and fighting his way back from a paralyzing injury that cut short his football career, and you and your people will see, hear, feel and know exactly what they need to do to take themselves and your organization to the next level the moment Dan finishes his entertaining and emotional speech.


Hundreds of delighted customers report they have witnessed powerful and lasting change as they apply Dan’s positive approach to life and incorporate his unique message built around his newest best selling book The Art of Significance – Achieving The Level Beyond Success.

Motivation – The Art of Significance – Achieving the Level Beyond Success

In this most popular keynote, Dan uses his anecdotes, hilarious wit, and famous stories from Chicken Soup for the Soul, tells his inspiring story of playing American football for thirteen years until a paralyzing injury cut short his career, and shares his ‘high flight’ to the edge of space in a U2 Spy plane, to customize his speech around your meeting theme while focusing on Self-Mastery, Redefining What’s Possible, and Making Winning Personal.

The Art of Significant Sales Training

When sales professionals obey a specific sales system and engage in a step-by-step process and presentation they increase their chances of closing the sale by 93%! In the corporate world, the sports and education worlds, and even in the military construct of rank advancement, the one activity all worlds share is selling. Because everybody is hired for preparation, paid for performance, and promoted on potential, you will gain a huge competitive advantage over your fellow sales professionals by learning and implementing this powerful, time-tested system of sales known as: “P-6” Professional Performance, Persuasive Perception, Personality Positioning Our acronym A.R.T. – Awareness, Refinement, Transformation – is the strategic template. “P-6” is the tactical solution: Professional Performance, Persuasive Perception, Personality Positioning. Developing and maintaining our “Skills” is the daily mission. The dictionary definition of Skills is: specific proficiencies, talents, techniques, abilities and traits that are acquired and improved through training, that help you reach your full potential and set you apart from others. Awareness is about becoming completely literate in your “Professional Performance skills,” which begins with a relentless commitment to be an expert in every one of your products and services, and understand the reasons your company culture is unique and special. Refinement is about perfecting your Persuasive Perception skills,” which begins with cultivating the right “Image,” and continues with the constant polishing of your sales skills in asking the right questions that provide a real solution to close every deal. Transformation comes as you develop and continuously polish your “Personality Positioning skills,” which begins by working very hard on yourself – not by working “on” your job, but working “in” your job, and continues with managing your exposure to the decision making ‘movers and shakers’ who can buy from you and recommend you to others. Alert! Having significant Professional Performance skills and Persuasive Perception skills do not make you a better person. Therefore, they are never as significant as Personality Positioning skills.

  • The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success
    The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success Purchase Book
  • Forgotten Fundamentals: The Answers Are in the Box
    Forgotten Fundamentals: The Answers Are in the Box Purchase Book
  •    Puppies For Sale and Other Inspirational Tales
    Puppies For Sale and Other Inspirational Tales Purchase Book
  • Chicken Soup for the College Soul: Inspiring and Humorous Stories for College Students
    Chicken Soup for the College Soul: Inspiring and Humorous Stories for College Students Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success
    The Art of Significance: Achieving the Level Beyond Success Purchase Book
  • Forgotten Fundamentals: The Answers Are in the Box
    Forgotten Fundamentals: The Answers Are in the Box Purchase Book


  • "As an event planner for 15 years, I have hired over 150 of the biggest names in professional speaking. Dan Clark stands out among them. Dan is so prepared he will customize his message to meet your newest needs - even the day of his speech; so flexible he will easily deal with any sudden on-site changes in time and staging; so full of life and incredible experiences he will captivate your crowd. Dan Clark is clearly one of the TOP TEN SPEAKERS IN THE WORLD!"

    Les Hewitt, Achievers Canada, & Co-founder Achievers Europe
  • "On behalf of the 1,200 people in attendance at your opening general session presentation, we thank you for the laughs, the stories, the tears and the powerful information you shared. The spontaneous standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your speech is an indication of how well you were received. IBM will most certainly use you again and again. We recommend you to audiences everywhere!"

    IBM North America Sales Centers
  • "On behalf of the United States Air Force Academy faculty, staff, and cadets, thank you for your participation in our 9th Annual National Character and Leadership Symposium. Your presentation was incredibly well received by all attendees and provided tangible, insightful lessons for us all. Strong, positive role models for these young men and women have a tremendous impact on their maturation and character development. Your comments are certain to remain in the forefront of their thoughts throughout their careers. Your participation played a key role in heightening their awareness concerning the critical importance of Undaunted Leadership. We do hope you will consider returning next year."

    Headquarters, United States Air Force Academy
  • "With his quick wit and inspirational stories, Dan always exceeds your expectations and turns your ordinary meeting into an extraordinary event!"

    Amy Hawkins, Georgia Pacific
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