David Rutherford

David Rutherford

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Training Specialist, Dynamic Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer

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Travels From: FL, United States.

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Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Training Specialist, Dynamic Motivational Speaker & Corporate Trainer

David is living his dream as an internationally known motivational personality. He is passionate about helping others to forge their self-confidence and learn how to live the "team life." David's kinetic energy and endless motivation inspires all who come in contact with him to push themselves past any known and un­known "behavioral comfort zones." Using his "Froglogic Concept," David can help you learn how to overcome your fears and help you live life to its fullest.

Military Background

David served honorably for eight years in the Naval Special Warfare community as a SEAL student, Combat Paramedic, Operator and Instructor. He participated in clandestine operations in South Asia, the Middle East, South East Asia and in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Since leaving the Navy, David has con­tinued his service as an International Training and Security Spe­cialist for the US Government and one of the country's largest pri­vate security companies. He has inspired commandos around the globe to push themselves past all limitations. David's masterful ability to motivate inspires people from all walks of life to achieve success in any environment imaginable.

Motivational Speaker, Behavioral Coach

Since 2006, David Rutherford has been motivating audiences across America and around the world with his uniquely high impact and emotional style of speaking, writing and coaching. David's Froglogic Concept is derived from 70 plus years of operational and training successes within the UDT and SEAL Teams. He combines over 20 years of personal discovery with the proven track record of the SEAL Teams to create a simple and elite lifestyle performance program for you and your team. Some of his notable clients include Johnson Controls, Covidien, Pioneer Investments, Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, Sfor-All Storage, Avera Medical Group, Jackson Memorial Hospital, LoyaltyExpross, SoftwareONE, Computer Associates, Sioux Steel, University of Florida, Flori­da Atlantic University, YMCA, Boy Scouts of America, among many others.

Navy SEAL Experience and Influence

David Rutherford's high-energy, high-impact style of speaking is reflective of his Navy SEAL training and operational experiences. As a Behavioral Training Specialist, David delivers incredible insight into the human condition and outlines what it takes for individuals to achieve elite levels of personal and profes­sional success. David's programs on Self-Confidence, Team Life and Self-Confidence: Hammer Ses­sion outline how to forge Self-Confidence and commit to living a TEAM LIFE and enables individuals to live their best lives. 


Along with speaking to corporations. David has written two books and has spoken to over 11,000 kids.His book, Navy SEAL Training: Self-Confidence was published in 2012. He encourages clients to assist in his efforts to continue mentoring children around the world.

FROGLIC – Navy SEAL Motivational Presentation

Are you interested in having a high energy, high impact keynote speaker that will entertain and inspire your team, then please take some time and check out top Navy SEAL Motivator David Rutherford. For the Past 25 years David has been exploring and researching the human condition in his attempt to discover what enables individuals and teams to succeed in every environment imaginable. What he’s discovered are some incredible truths about people from all walks of life can ignite the fire in their guts, defeat the Negative Insurgency and achieve victory in the combat of life. If you’re looking for the competitive edge then make the investment in David’s motivational program called Froglogic. David combines his epic journey with over 70 years of UDT/ SEAL Team operations, training doctrine and elite performance in order to produce a tested and proven program that some of the world’s leading companies have been using for the past 10 years.

Offensive Mindset - Tactical Training

Are you looking to achieve an Offensive Mindset? In this incredibly unique event, David combines a motivational speech with tactical training. He introduces audiences to the powerful difference between being a victim or survivor. David explores the psychology of combat and introduces a small group to the elite concepts behind SEAL Training. Spend a half or full day listening to David’s many years of expertise and learn to shoot like an Operator.

Half-Day Froglogic Seminar

The half-day seminar allows for more interactive involvement with the Froglogic Concept. In addition to any one of the four Froglogic speeches, David will conduct break-out sessions to help your team integrate the Froglogic Concept into your operational culture. The addition of the team-focused break-out sessions using physical and mental Navy SEAL training techniques creates an atmosphere of “special operations” focus and teaches your teams the necessity of embracing fear and erasing comfort zone behavior.

Full Day Froglogic Seminar

This amazing full day seminar enables companies to immerse their personnel into the high energy, high impact world of David Rutherford and his Navy SEAL Motivational Training program. In this 12 step proven performance program David inspires audiences to Forge Self-Confidence and then teaches them to Live The Team Life. David starts the event with his Forging Self-Confidence “Hammer Session” talk, quickly followed by an hour Q&A to explore how to integrate Froglogic into the company’s culture and enhance performance. After lunch David gives his highly emotional talk called Team Life where he highlights 4 Medal of Honor stories from the SEAL Teams. This talk is again followed with an explosive breakout session where David discusses the psychology of SEAL training and combat to enhance team cohesion on your team. The day is finished with an exciting “all hands on deck” team challenge that instills profound new confidence in the whole company.

AOG - Adventure Operations Group “Intensive Leadership Training Program”

The Adventure Operations Group’s mission is to introduce elite professionals within their perspective industries to the Special Operations Focus in order to ignite higher levels of physical, mental and spiritual function in extreme environments. Using training principals from all the special operations groups and mission planning concepts translated from the battlefield to the boardroom, AOG uses experiential education platforms to train the country’s top performers on how to elevate their physiological and psychological abilities to the next level. These customized courses will bring your management teams into the 21st century of special operations focus and capabilities.

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