Don Peppers

Don Peppers

Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group, Customer Relationship Management Expert, and Best-Selling Author

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Founding Partner, Peppers & Rogers Group, Customer Relationship Management Expert, and Best-Selling Author

Recognized for more than 20 years as one of the world's foremost thought leaders on customer-focused business strategies, Don Peppers is an acclaimed author and a founding partner, with Martha Rogers, Ph.D., of Peppers & Rogers Group, a leading customer-centric management consulting firm. Research by SatMetrix in 2015 ranked Don and Martha as the world’s #1 most influential authorities on customer experience management; and in 2013, they were inducted into the Direct Marketing Association’s Hall of Fame.


A top 100 “Influencer” on LinkedIn, Don has more than 260,000 followers for his regular blog posts on innovation, technology, customer experience and corporate culture. The Times of London listed him among their "Top 50 Business Brains," while Accenture included him in its global list of the "Top 100 Business Intellectuals," and the U.K.'s Chartered Institute for Marketing put him on its list of the "50 most influential thinkers in marketing and business today.”


Peppers has written eleven books over the years, nine of them with Martha Rogers, creating a legacy of international best-sellers that have collectively sold more than a million copies in 18 languages. His newest book (2016) is Customer Experience: What, How, and Why Now, a collection of essays organized around the dynamics, rationale, and difficulties encountered in managing individual customer experiences.

Customer Relationship Manager

Peppers and Rogers are often credited with having launched the CRM revolution with their very first book, The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time (Doubleday, 1993), described by Business Week as the "bible of the new marketing," and by Inc. Magazine’s managing editor as "one of the two or three most important business books ever written." In 2016, Wiley publishers will release the third edition of Peppers’ and Rogers’ widely used graduate level textbook, Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Perspective, first published in 2004.


Previously, Peppers was a celebrated new-business rainmaker in the advertising industry and the CEO of a top-20 direct marketing agency. He holds a B.S. in astronautical engineering from the U.S. Air Force Academy, and a Master's in public affairs from Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School. He is a competitive runner and a very happily married father of five.

Competing on Trust in the Post-Crisis World

Following the economic crisis, customer trust has become more than a catchphrase; it's now a business necessity. The ability to acquire robust customer insight has made trust a hot button issue. Too often, businesses use this information simply to focus on extracting more and more economic value from each customer. credit card companies make their largest short-term profits from their least sophisticated customers. Call centers employ cost-efficient touch-tone menus that infuriate customers rather than satisfy them. And retail banks generate their highest-margin fees from the errors their own customers make. But this comes with a price. Reputations circulate at Twitter speed, as more and more customers find that their most trustworthy information sources are not the companies they want to buy from, but the other customers who have already bought. This session offers insight on how to create the kind of trustworthy enterprise that builds shareholder value.

Short-term Results and Long-term Success

A raging crisis of short-termism threatens companies that try to operate by today's "accepted wisdoms" in business. Most businesses rely on three rules to create shareholder value with their sales, marketing, and customer service efforts: 1) the best measure of success for your business is current sales and profit; 2) with the right sales and marketing effort, you can always get more customers; and 3) ompany value is created by offering differentiated products and services. The problem is that each of these rules is dead wrong. And when businesses blindly follow them in their effort to create shareholder value, they soon find themselves locked into the Crisis of Short-Termism. Instead business should understand that:
• Long-term value is just as important as current sales and profit.
• Customers are a scarce productive resource, finite in number.
• Value can only be created by customers since products do not pay us revenue
In this provocative session, Peppers demonstrate how long-term value is just as important as current sales and profit, and shows you how to how to build the business case for balancing short-term results with long-term value.

You Can't Un-Google Yourself

Higher expectations and networked consumers make delivering ideal customer experiences more important than ever. Customers have more power to disseminate word-of-mouth recommendations than ever before. From posted reviews to online user groups to social networks, customers themselves now often set the tone for how a brand is perceived in the marketplace, how prices are compared, and how trust is evaluated. This session offers new proprietary research from Peppers & Rogers Group and best practice recommendations as to how your brand can deliver superior customer experiences and build trusted relationships in a world where Google results are often a brand's first impression.

Funding the Revolution in Interactive Marketing

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, FriendFeed – you name the vehicle, what's very clear is that we are now swimming in a much larger ocean of information than ever before. An issue many of us don't think too much about is how this fountain of information will be paid for. Yes, it's possible that Twitter will start charging something, and maybe some of the other vehicles will charge, also – but almost certainly the biggest cost burden will fall on advertisers and marketers, who will be producing a prodigious amount of "ride along" marketing appeals, with increasingly relevant messages. In this environment of proliferating and unprecedented interactive vehicles, the biggest impediment to success is likely to be lack of imagination on the part of the marketers and advertisers themselves, because this lack of imagination will slow down the funding process. In this session, learn how to make emerging business models work for you.

Confronting the Constituencies of Healthcare Before It’s Too Late

What are well-intentioned healthcare executives supposed to do? Squeezed between rising costs, reduced Medicare coverage, and the relentless pressure to report good financial results every quarter, healthcare professionals face their most difficult moment in the history of the U.S. In this session, best-selling thought leader and healthcare expert Don Peppers offers the first steps to the way out.

Excellence or Innovation?

The better you are at your current business, the harder it is to innovate. But being customer centric requires both. To excel in execution while still being creative and resilient enough to adapt to an ever more rapidly changing business landscape, you have to: ·Tap a diversity of perspectives, from both employees and customers, ·Engage and enable your employees and partners to create a “self-organizing” workforce, and ·Build an organization that employees and customers consider highly trustworthy.
  • Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now
    Customer Experience: What, How and Why Now Purchase Book
  • Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage
    Extreme Trust: Honesty as a Competitive Advantage Purchase Book
  • Return on Customer : Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource
    Return on Customer : Creating Maximum Value From Your Scarcest Resource Purchase Book
  • Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework
    Managing Customer Relationships: A Strategic Framework Purchase Book
  • The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time
    The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time Purchase Book
  • Enterprise One to One: Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age
    Enterprise One to One: Tools for Competing in the Interactive Age Purchase Book
  • Rules to Break and Laws to Follow: How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism
    Rules to Break and Laws to Follow: How Your Business Can Beat the Crisis of Short-Termism Purchase Book

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