Frank Bucaro

Frank Bucaro

Business Owner, Author, and Speaker on Ethics and Values

Speaker Categories: Business Ethics | Ethics | Best Practices | Business Ethics | Corporate Culture

Travels From: IL, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000*

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Business Owner, Author, and Speaker on Ethics and Values

Trust issues, leadership missteps and ethics problems can threaten any organization, impact market value and cause irreversible damage. Frank C. Bucaro helps leaders and individuals at the best and most admired companies skillfully navigate the high road to success.

Moral Theology

His unique career path from the classroom to the board room began a number of years ago when a succession high profile media reports captured his attention. While still an instructor of moral theology, he became increasingly aware that problems relating to unethical practices in the marketplace seemed to be on the increase.

Success = Ethics

Believing that ethics and values had the power to increase business success rather than impede it, Frank left teaching and formed a business partnership offering keynotes and seminars. The transition to business owner was nearly seamless with the introduction of his first keynote entitled HOW DO YOU SPELL SUCCESS? E-T-H-I-C-S!

Popular Programs

Word spread about his entertaining and humorous approach to the serious subject of ethics and soon large and small organizations, Fortune 500 companies and associations in the USA and Canada were contacting Frank about his programs. Participants continue to be inspired by Frank’s high content, humorous and practical programs which serve as encouraging reminders of the power of ethics and values-based leadership. His programs are a natural fit with organizations interested in reinforcing their commitment to ethics and values and reducing vulnerability to costly ethics and compliance problems.

Books and Publications

He is a business owner and author or the book TRUST ME! Insights Into Ethical Leadership. His articles have been published in a variety of industry publications and in ethics and compliance magazines such as Compliance & Ethics Professional, Corporate Compliance INSIGHTS, and ETHISPHERE.

Hall of Fame Speaker

A member of the National Speakers Association, he has earned their designation of CSP which stands for Certified Speaking Professional and he was also presented with NSA’s prestigious CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame Award for excellence and professionalism.

If Good Ethics is Good Business, What’s the Problem?

It seems that media reports of companies being fined, or accusations of unethical or illegal behavior, are just about a daily feature in news reports. We may even find ourselves asking “how” and “why” this could still be happening with so many organizations focusing on “doing the right thing” and touting a strong ethical culture. Most folks would agree that solid ethical business practices are desirable, good and necessary for business. This program will explore the five challenges that threaten the reputation of an organization, and will present solutions to keep the focus on solid values and staying on the ethical high road.

Good Company - Be the Organization that People Want to Work For, Partner With, Invest In and Buy From!

What does it mean to be good company for investors, associates, customers and employees? Like a valuable friendship, it is the organization that people want to associate with; the organization that is successful and strong to the core. Many businesses today are vulnerable to illegal and unethical activities at every organizational level. This humorous and sometimes irreverent presentation will focus on five key areas that illustrate that doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason is not only wise, it is profitable! Examples, humorous stories, and hands-on ideas for maintaining an ethical culture are covered of this presentation.

Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership

In a business climate where corporate leadership is often under the ethics microscope, leaders are increasingly being challenged to find ways deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty. This program will help participants gain a clearer understanding of ethics, show how ethics is a key ingredient in business and personal success, and will provide practical ideas to help with difficult decisions. Topics that will be covered include: two types of ethics and which will serve you and the organization best; how to identify the “ethics gap;” five virtues that will enhance an ethical and productive workplace; five key challenges to businesses and how to overcome them; and four points to consider in making the best decision. This presentation combines timely and useful material with humorous stories for an experience that is informative, practical in application, and entertaining in delivery.

Taking The High Road: How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend The Rules

Problems and consequences attributed to poor ethical decisions can arise when ethical behavior is not defined, understood, or demonstrated. This program features easy to understand definitions of ethics, guidelines for tackling difficult decisions, practical examples, and a generous amount of humor -- the result -- an upbeat look at a key factor in long-term success.

  • Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership
    Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership Purchase Book
  • Taking The High Road--How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend The Rules
    Taking The High Road--How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend The Rules Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership
    Trust Me! Insights into Ethical Leadership Purchase Book
  • Taking The High Road--How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend The Rules
    Taking The High Road--How To Succeed Ethically When Others Bend The Rules Purchase Book


  • “When I first floated the idea of a think tank where like-minded colleagues would work together developing ethical conduct in business models, Frank Bucaro was one of the first people to offer collaborations. Upon review of his work, I found him to be a role model of personal and professional integrity. Over the past year, Frank has helped me develop my organization and refine the missions. We’ve worked on several projects helping individuals find experts to assist them in resolving ethical dilemmas. Frank and I also work on global initiatives and national programs. Hiring Frank to provide ethical conduct training and integrity assessment at your company is an investment in corporate sustainability.”
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • “Frank Bucaro has presented keynote speeches and breakout sessions at Illinois Movers’ Association conventions many times. Every time he’s with us, the room is jam-packed, even if the audience has heard him before. Speeches cover ethics, customer service, sales, and … LIFE! Frank also conducted a very successful strategic planning session for our association. I recommend him highly!”

    IL Movers’ & Warehousemen’s Association
    Executive Director
  • “Frank Bucaro takes an innovative approach to one of business’s oldest concepts, ethics. He delivered high-energy and highly-relevant material tailored to my team’s specific needs. I hired Frank for 2 rounds in my region and his subject matter was effective for employees in all departments and they loved him! Frank has a unique ability to turn individuals into teams and he is one of the funniest and warmest consultants you will ever encounter. Thank you, Frank for the great education! Well done!”

    RE/MAX of Indiana & RE/MAX North Central Region
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