Holly Atkinson

Holly Atkinson

Award-Winning Medical Journalist

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Award-Winning Medical Journalist

Dr. Holly Atkinson is an award-winning medical journalist and a gifted and noted public speaker. With extensive experience as a medical correspondent—including assignments with NBC’s Today Show, CBS Morning News, Lifetime Medical Television, and the PBS health show Bodywatch—she has engaged national audiences on a wide range of medical topics for over 20 years. She is the author of the best-selling book Women and Fatigue.


Dr. Atkinson is assistant clinical professor in the Department of Medicine and co-director of the Advancing Idealism in Medicine Program at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, as well as adjunct professor of public health at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. She is also medical editor-in-chief of Everydayhealth.com, one of the top health sites on the web, and consults with a number of start-up healthcare companies through KSR Associates, a privately held firm that excels in corporate development, capital formation, and mergers and acquisition intermediation.

Non-Profits and Charities

Dr. Atkinson devotes considerable time to a number of nonprofit organizations and charities. She is a past president of Physicians for Human Rights, an organization that shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for its effort to eradicate landmines. In 1995, Dr. Atkinson conducted a medical mission to Bosnia where she documented the health effects of landmines on civilians. In 2005, she traveled to Uganda on PHR’s behalf to help organize local physicians to address the HIV/AIDs epidemic. She has also served on the board of Legal Momentum, the nation's oldest and largest women’s civil rights organization.


Dr. Atkinson has degrees in medicine and journalism and broad international business experience. She has an MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry and an MS in journalism from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Colgate University with a BS in biology and is currently a fellow of the American College of Physicians.


Dr. Atkinson was a member of the original team that launched Journal Watch, a monthly summary of important medical research findings developed for the practicing physician by Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS), publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine. The first issue of Journal Watch was launched over 19 years ago and today has grown into several subspecialty newsletters widely distributed throughout the US and abroad. After she had written for Journal Watch for seven years, the MMS asked Dr. Atkinson to help launch a consumer health newsletter, HealthNews. She became the founding editor-in-chief and remained at the helm of the newsletter for 12 years until August 2006.


Previously, Dr. Atkinson was president of iVillageHealth.com, the health channel of the popular women’s website iVillage.com, where she led a redesign of the site. Before iVillage, Dr. Atkinson was a founder, president, and CEO of Reuters Health Information, Inc. Within three years of taking the helm, she led the news company to profitability and international recognition. Prior to joining Reuters, Dr. Atkinson was at Lifetime Medical Television for ten years where she oversaw, as senior vice president of programming, the continuing medical education programming that aired on the network. Her TV career was launched in 1981 when Walter Cronkite hired her to be a researcher on his show, Walter Cronkite’s Universe Show.


Dr. Holly Atkinson brings a unique blend of experience and skill to her work and speaking. She combines business acumen, media savvy, editorial proficiency, and medical expertise to motivate her audiences to lead health-conscious lives.


Consumer Health Care Trends and the Internet

The consumer revolution continues to alter the healthcare landscape. And of course, it is now fueled by the power of the Internet. Having worked in the Internet space since 1993, Dr. Atkinson explores the current consumer healthcare trends, especially those driven by the worldwide web. The Web is empowering patients today in a way that is causing radical shifts in how healthcare is practiced and delivered. Information, education, chat forums, blogs, support groups, drugs on line, eprescribing, direct-to-consumer lab and genetic testing, report card medicine—all of this instantaneously at your fingertips. In this speech, Dr. Atkinson explores the world of health on the web and explains how it is revolutionizing healthcare. She delivers this speech for both a consumer and a business audience to rave reviews.

Medicine and The Media

With over 15 years of experience as a medical journalist, Dr. Holly Atkinson gives a fascinating talk on medicine and the media. She explores the challenges that consumers face today in sorting through the glut of medical information reported by the nation's press. One week the headlines rave about the benefits of antioxidant vitamins; the next week these vitamins are panned. Should you eat butter or margarine, which is best? So, how much exercise do you really need? Should menopausal women take hormones? Dr. Atkinson gives practical tips on how to read the medical news and sort through the clutter, and in the process, gives answers to many of burning questions that the health conscious audience is dying to ask.

The 5 Keys to Maximum Health

We are living in “a land flowing with milk and honey” and it’s killing us. Our Western lifestyle drives inflammation in the body, which plays a primary role in the development of our killer diseases. Our society also promotes shallow and self-centered behavior, leading to depression and despair. Our deliverance, insists Dr. Atkinson, will come not from diet or exercise alone, but from expanding our sense of what it means to live a good life. Revolutionary new studies reveal that “doing good is good for you.” In this hard-hitting and life-changing session, participants discover how to:
•Achieve their best physical health, including goals of losing weight, looking better and feeling younger;
•Cool the flames of inflammation and unleash natural sources of healing and energy;
•Infuse purpose and meaning into their lives thereby creating more joy and fulfillment.
This speech delivers the bottom line on how to achieve maximum health in these difficult times.

Conquering Heart Disease

Although we've made significant inroads against heart disease in the last 25 years, it is still the leading killer of American men and women. Dr. Atkinson shares with the audience the latest facts about heart disease, the recent revised weight recommendations, practical advice about diet and exercise and ways to manage stress and anger. This presentation can be specifically tailored to women, who still too often believe that only men have heart attacks. In the women-only event, Dr. Atkinson focuses on the role that estrogen plays in protecting a woman's heart, and whether or not taking hormone replacement therapy after menopause is a good idea especially in light of the new findings of the Women's Health Initiative Study. This presentation will be followed by a very lively question and answer period.

Women, Stress and Fatigue: Effective Solutions to this Very Real Problem

Stress and fatigue are problems that increasingly plague American women. And too often, we are not taken seriously. Increased economic hardship—added to balancing work and family, caring for aging parents, and coping with the daily onslaught of demands, just to name a few—have all contributed to unprecedented levels of stress and fatigue. But the good news is something can be done. Speaking from her own experience and myriad other women, Dr. Atkinson reveals the major energy drainers and major energy boosters, and gives powerful practical pointers on how to beat stress and tip the energy balance. Participants will learn:
•A potent method that reveals their sources of stress and fatigue;
•What to do to boost their mental and physical energy levels;
•How to build energy reserves so there’s something left for themselves.
Women come away from this speech having laughed a lot and learned a lot not only about how to conquer fatigue, but how to live their best life.

Health and Human Rights

As we enter the 21st Century, the belief in human rights as fundamental to life everywhere on the globe has taken center stage. Violations of human rights have a particularly devastating effect on people's mental and physical health. As Past President of the non-profit group, Physicians for Human Rights, Dr. Atkinson gives a fascinating talk on the intersection of Health and Human Rights. She argues passionately that by protecting and promoting human rights both home and abroad, we can have a major impact on protecting and promoting health: our own health, the health of our children and the health and well-being of our planet. Promoting human rights is not just a luxury, but a necessity that is in our own best interest. Dr. Atkinson delivers this presentation for college audiences, business audiences and health care professionals.
  • Women and Fatigue--Effective Solutions to This Very Real Problem
    Women and Fatigue--Effective Solutions to This Very Real Problem Purchase Book

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  • Women and Fatigue--Effective Solutions to This Very Real Problem
    Women and Fatigue--Effective Solutions to This Very Real Problem Purchase Book


  • "You did a fabulous job on Saturday and I've received so many compliments on your keynote address. A couple of people also approached me after the event inquiring for more information about you as they have events coming up! Your keynote address was so factual, real and motivating. As an attendee, you truly motivated me to make some positive changes in my lifestyle. You can count that I will be watching more carefully my diet and exercise! Thank you again for your help in making Healthy Women, Healthy Lives a successful event!"

    Michelle Vanderburg, Presbyterian Healthcare System
  • "Your presentations were thoughtful, sensitive to the audiences, and provided excellent guidance for those seeking to improve their lives. On top of all that, you were a delightful dinner guest on Saturday evening. Let's keep in touch...and perhaps we can book you for a return engagement in 2005."

    Michael Traphagan, Preferred Care
  • "It was awesome. Dr. Atkinson was certainly the right choice for our group--she was intellegent, entertaining and very personable. Everyone enjoyed meeting her and becoming educated on women's health issues."

    Jamie Pickrell, Experience Events
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