Jim Angle

Jim Angle

Renowned Journalist, Former Chief National Correspondent for FOX News, Respected Debate Moderator

Speaker Categories: U.S. Correspondent | Headliners | Political Humor/Satire | Media | Economic | Immigration Reform | Political Strategist

Travels From: VA, United States.

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Renowned Journalist, Former Chief National Correspondent for FOX News, Respected Debate Moderator

In his capacity as Chief National Correspondent at FOX News, Jim Angle has reported on the most important domestic issues of the day. After a stellar journalistic career and many years at one of the most prominent news organizations on television, Jim Angle retired from FOX News, where he’d been reporting since 1996. Previously, Angle was FOX News' Chief Washington Correspondent and Senior White House correspondent, reporting on all presidential activities both nationally and internationally. Jim also worked for CNN, was the chief Economics Correspondent for ABC News, and three years as anchor and managing editor of "Marketplace" on public radio. Today, Jim Angle is one of the most requested media speakers available.

Awards and Accolades

Jim has received numerous honors and awards for his reporting. He has been honored twice with the Merriman Smith Memorial Award, awarded by the White House Correspondents' Association, for outstanding presidential news coverage under deadline pressure in the category for broadcast journalism. The media speaker has also received the "Excellence in Financial Journalism Award" twice for his reporting on economic issues on "Nightline" in 1994 and 1995.

"One of the most fair, incisive, and informed investigative reporters on the Washington scene."  - Renowned columnist Nat Hentoff


Previously, Angle served as FNC's chief Washington correspondent reporting on overall political news from Washington, D.C., as well as broader issues, including social security, healthcare, energy, and tax reform. Prior to this position, Angle served as the network's chief White House correspondent. In this capacity, he was responsible for reporting on presidential activities nationally and internationally.

Prior to joining FNC, he was a correspondent at CNN, covering politics and the economy. Before that, he served as a correspondent for ABC News, reporting on economic policy and contributing to "World News Tonight," "Nightline" and "Good Morning America."

Before joining ABC News, the media speaker worked in public radio for 18 years. He anchored the popular national program "Marketplace," a daily half-hour program on money and business on NPR. He spent seven years as National Public Radio's senior White House correspondent, covering both the Reagan and Bush administrations as well as anchoring All Things Considered and Morning Edition

Respected Moderator & Panelist

Jim Angle is often requested as moderator or panelist for important public policy debates. In May 2009 at the University of Virginia’s famed Miller Center for Public Affairs, Jim moderated a debate on “America's Energy Future and its dependency on carbon-based fuels."

Debaters included:  John Podesta, President, Center for American Progress; former White House Chief of Staff (1998–2001); James Woolsey, former Director of Central Intelligence (1993–95), Christine Todd Whitman, Co-chair of CASEnergy Coalition; former EPA Administrator (2001–03) and former Governor of New Jersey (1994–2001) and Karen Harbert, President and Chief Executive Officer of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Institute for 21st Century Energy.


Jim is on the board of directors of Best Bottle, a wine-travel and multi-platform wine show that also has a wine club with nothing but boutique wines. Jim also serves on the board of directors for the Lung Cancer Alliance.

Speaker Areas of Expertise: American Politics, Current Affairs, Immigration Reform, Media, Military Background, Economic Outlook, Political Humor and Satire, and International Affairs

He spent seven years as National Public Radio's senior White House correspondent, covering both the Reagan and Bush administrations.

America 2017 and Beyond: What Can We Expect From The Trump Presidency

Drawing on his many years of journalism experience, Jim Angle explains how Trump won and Clinton lost, as well as the new administration's priorities, and how difficult they may be to pull off. The Republicans hope to reduce taxes and eliminate Obamacare early on, which will be tricky to keep from pulling the rug out from under most people who now have health care through the system. At the same time, Trump has to form a functioning government, which is no small feat. President Trump also intends to unravel may of the 2000 regulations Obama put in place. The real trick will be able to create jobs without driving the deficit up further, which Obama doubled in 8 years. The day of reckoning is coming on our debts and especially entitlements which, along with interest on the debt, will soak up all federal revenues by 2025, leaving all other functions of government to be funded with borrowed money. That is the reality Trump and any future Presidents will face. Finally, Jim will offer his insight into the remake both parties are undergoing as a result of the election. With great humor and insight, he shares with audiences’ his analysis on what’s going on at the White House and on Capitol Hill.

Wine, Dine and Politics

Most know Jim Angle as a Correspondent of FOX News and longtime veteran journalist; however, you may not be aware that the media speaker has been a wine connoisseur for over a decade, with over 2,000 bottles in his home walk-in cellar. The thing is, wines are a lot like politicians. Different wines appeal to different audiences depending on taste, atmosphere and much more. Some politicians come on strong like a giant Syrah or Shiraz from California, the Rhone or Australia. Other candidates are subtler like Southern California pinot noirs-- they have to be coaxed and their nuances appreciated. In a new, witty, fun and informative keynote, Jim Angle shares his love of wine and politics. Treat your audience to an informative presentation on vino that also works to highlight current events of our day. Jim offers insight into the wine industry, how much the wine market has grown, wine buying strategies, and even what countries or regions offer the best deals. He offers tips on entertaining with wine, how to have tastings over dinner, and which grapes are fun to try. During the political speaking engagement, Jim also shares his stories about characters in the wine business, and provides humorous & insightful anecdotes of political figures from his experiences as one of Washington’s most respected news journalists. It’s the perfect non-partisan/non-polarizing presentation for election year 2016.

The Oil And Gas Industry under the Trump Administration

Jim Angle has extensively covered American energy independence, natural gas production and energy from shale, all aspects of the energy industry and issues within the EPA for more than a decade. Jim Angle speaks about the fossil fuel industry is enjoying a remarkable resurgence as its executives and lobbyists shape President-elect Donald Trump’s policy agenda and staff his administration. The oil, gas and coal industries are amassing power throughout Washington — from Foggy Bottom, where ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson is Trump’s nominee to be secretary of state, to domestic regulatory agencies including the departments of Energy and Interior as well as the Environmental Protection Agency. But the industry’s quick power surge during the first month of Trump’s transition has alarmed environmentalists, who fear the new administration will undo what they see as a decade of progress in combating climate change. On Capitol Hill, Democrats plan to use whatever power they have in the minority of both chambers to serve as an aggressive check on the executive branch’s power, especially on energy and environmental policies. Jim Angles can give your audience a detailed perspective on current energy issues, as well as in-depth analysis about the future of oil and gas.

Politics, Policy and the Economy

As an award-winning financial correspondent and political speaker, Jim Angle Jim takes you on a tour of Washington power centers. Who’s pushing the buttons on economic policy and industry regulation? He looks at the stimulus plans, the bailout and how other government interventions are working for the economy. Will Federal Reserve Board Chairman Janet Yellen be able to avoid runaway deficits and destructive inflation as a consequence of the Obama administration's big spending to jumpstart the economy? What will President Obama’s plan mean for you, your organization and the country?

Breaking News with Jim Angle

As Fox News Channel's Former Chief National Correspondent, Jim Angle is one of our country’s most trusted journalistic voices & has covered many of the major political stories of our time. The political and media speaker goes beyond the headlines to give audiences thought-provoking analysis of the events that shape our world and a candid insider’s perspective on the news of the day. Angle’s quick wit and personal charm also sheds an irreverent light on the Washington scene for the past five administrations, which he has covered as either Chief Washington or White House Correspondent. A typical audience reaction after a Jim Angle speech: “The best Washington speaker we’ve ever had!”

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  • “Jim Angle should be the most in demand speaker in America. He was BRILLIANT! He has the greatest stories…. And they’re fresh…. You never heard them anywhere before. You couldn’t ask for a better speaker. He mesmerizes people. He’s so funny…..I don’t know how he lives with himself!

    Peter Mangione
    President, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America
  • "Jim Angle was brilliant! His mix of political satire combined with real life experiences kept the audience looking for more, which is the mark of an incredible speaker."

    Matthew Bogan
    VP Marketing & Communications, CJM Financial Services
  • "Jim Angle was the best speaker that I've heard in years! He was very entertaining. He has a unique advantage on viewing world events that he was able to share with us."

    Associated Pennesylvania Constructors
  • "Jim Angle was a hoot. I could have sat another hour and listened to him. What a great speaker!It's very important to understand the dynamic of the political process and both speakers were great in presenting the 'facts' in a useful and enjoyable format."

    Associated Pennesylvania Constructors
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