John Powers

John Powers

Emmy Award Winning Writer, Former Teacher, and Motivational Speaker

Speaker Categories: Motivational Business | Overcoming Obstacles | Stress Management | Team Building | Motivation with Humor

Travels From: IL, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $10,001 to $20,000*

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Emmy Award Winning Writer, Former Teacher, and Motivational Speaker

John Powers is the Founder of the Powers of Motivation Institute in 1988.  John has raised three million dollars for his Broadway musical production, and has coordinated the activities of various financial, sales and marketing staffs and unions representing such personnel as actors, musicians and stage hands.

Holds a Ph.D. in Communications from Northwestern University. Has performed (and written) two one-man shows and two Emmy Award winning television specials. He has hosted his own radio and television shows and has been a guest on thousands of radio and television shows including Oprah and Today.  John has been a professional speaker for over twenty years and has shared the dais with such people as George Bush, Ken Burns, Betty Friedan, Rudy Giuliani, Smokey Robinson and Muhammad Ali.

He has performed stand-up comedy at various venues throughout the nation.  Humor is also a major ingredient in all of his writings, performing work and presentations.  John has written five books, a Broadway musical, two one-man shows (he was also the performer), and two Emmy Award winning television specials.

As a former teacher, John knows the importance of providing practical information that members of his audience can use immediately to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.  He has taught at all levels of academia…elementary, junior high and college including many years as a professor of speech & performing arts at Northeastern Illinois University.  In addition, John has created and hosted numerous educational specials for PBS.  Dr. Powers has also been the keynote speaker for many local, state and national educational organizations.

If I’m Odd Does That Make Us Even? (Finding The Passion For Who You Are And What You Do)

Ah…yes. Each of us is a once-in-a-universe happening waiting to be discovered. Great leaders, sales people, team players, communicators and thinkers know this. They recognize and celebrate the unique talents of each colleague, client and member of the community.

How To Keep The Promise You Make To Yourself

We all make promises to ourselves. “I’m going to manage my people better.” “I’m going to increase my sales.” “I’m going to spend more time with my family.” But according to most studies, we rarely, if ever, do. This program, in five simple steps, guarantees your success.

Lions Walk Softly So They Can Listen

The art and science of leadership. A strong leader gives people faith in themselves. No organization has ever succeeded without lions of leadership.

Oh, Shut Up! (How To Talk So People Will Listen And How To Listen So People Will Talk)

If you talk out loud, you are a public speaker – addressing a group of people, a job interview, committee meetings, communicating with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Yet, no one has ever taught us how to do it well. This program gives you the true fundamentals in order to be a successful speaker and active listener.

School Is For The Birds…The Ones Who Want To Fly

A rare opportunity to see education from the perspective of the worst kid in class…John Powers. These are stories and facts with a vital message for teachers, school administrators, school boards, community groups, parents and anyone who is concerned about the education of our children.

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