Joseph Mancusi

Joseph Mancusi

Leadership, diversity and team building motivational speaker

Speaker Categories: Leadership | Team Building | Corporate Culture | Diversity, Inclusion

Travels From: VA, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $5,000 to $10,000*

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Dr. Joseph L. Mancusi is one of America's most outstanding motivational speakers and leadership trainers. He founded the Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. in 1985. Dr. Mancusi has taught tens-of-thousands of CEOs, salespeople, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees at every level to enrich their lives, live out their visions, and strengthen their organizations. He is a highly-rated instructor at the Center for Financial Studies, the Institute for Management Studies, the American Management Association, the Canadian Management Centre, and the Young Presidents' Organization.

Audiences in all 50 states, New Zealand, the U.S.S.R., France, England, Argentina, and Canada have been enlightened, educated, and entertained by Dr. Mancusi's distinctive style. He has conducted over 1,600 keynote addresses, workshops, seminars, consultations, and training programs including six appearances at the White House. He has been honored by a presidential commendation for his work in the President's Commission on Executive Exchange.

Often sought after for his expertise, he has been featured on the NBC Today Show, CBS News, CNBC Live, and CNN. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, United Press International (UPI), USA Today, The Washington Post, and numerous other publications have presented his findings on workplace and personal success.

Dr. Mancusi's vast experience includes directing the largest psychology program in the world. He was responsible for over 1,400 doctoral psychologists in 171 hospitals for the Department of Veteran's Affairs in Washington, D.C. He was elected president of the President's Executive Exchange Alumni Association.

Dr. Mancusi earned his Ph.D. from Duke University in clinical psychology. He has held faculty appointments in graduate and medical schools in the District of Columbia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Why Some People Always Succeed: How to be One of Them

This is Dr. Mancusi’s most popular keynote and closing speech. He has presented aspects of this topic at the White House on six separate occasions. Studies confirm that talent, hard work, and goals are not enough for success. This practical and humorous talk looks at reasons why some people succeed and others, equally talented, don’t. Dr. Mancusi does not know what success is for you. He doesn’t know your goals, desires, education, motivation, or values. He does know what people do to derail their own success and delivers this powerful message as only he can. Participants will have fun and closely examine their goals and dreams. They discover the keys to unlock their full potential and map out a strategy for their future. This is a special opportunity to celebrate the successes we all achieve in our personal and professional lives. Objectives: Understand why your weakest traits may take you to greatness; Learn how not to sabotage success; Use pride, praise, and enthusiasm to lead others; Discover the power of mentoring--how to find one & how to be one; and learn five distinct sources of power and how to tap into them.

Empowering Yourself and Others: Leadership in the 21st Century

In this insightful workshop and talk, Dr. Mancusi probes the many changes challenging the American work force and reveals the traits needed for organizations and their people to flourish. Topics include:Secrets to motivating a diverse work force; Why IQ is not enough for success; Three keys for reaching any employee; Mentoring new and old employees; Motivating employees and supervisors who have seen it all; Becoming a legend, not just a hero. Dr. Mancusi details new ways to get everyone working and moving towards success. Be prepared to accept new roles, both personally and professionally, to reach your goals.

The Team is the Theme: Productivity, Quality & Excellence

“The real advantage that humans have over animals is our ability to function as teams.” Is there fighting in your organization? Are your teams working well but are still short of outstanding? Dr. Mancusi breaks the barriers to communication that have been plaguing your offices. This interactive, fun, and dynamic workshop will build strong relationships within your team and between departments. Using team competitions and problem solving, employees will learn principles of effective team functioning. They will: Discover innovative ways that major corporations hold time-effective, useful meetings; Gain 15 - 25% more time in a day; Get your people to out-compete the competition; Learn strategies to obtain ten times more ideas and suggestions from your employees; Solve nagging problems and promote excellence in work teams; Nurture understanding and create more effective team leaders and members.

Cultural Diversity: A New Look at the Golden Rule

Dr. Mancusi is one of the most effective speakers on cultural diversity. He has spoken on diversity and achievement at American Express, USA Today, the Organization for Chinese Americans, the Maryland Municipal League, and dozens of other organizations. Is the Golden rule, ”Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” undermining effective communication and teamwork in America’s companies? Is our fear of stepping on toes keeping us from letting people in? Learn why Mancusi’s Platinum Rule is the key to productive relationships in our diverse society. Audiences learn to apply strategies and techniques that emphasize his credo: “In truth, we are all people of color, gender, and accent. Treat every person as if each is a minority group of one.” This talk has been used in a wide variety of special programs to emphasize achievements of employees regardless of sex, race, country of origin, or other factors.

Changing Corporate Culture: Coping with Chaos

In this provocative and entertaining program, Dr. Mancusi motivates people to support needed reorganization. He generates enthusiasm and sets the course toward organizational transformations.Dr. Mancusi understands why stagnant corporate cultures produce poor results. He teaches the dynamic leadership values that increase productivity and morale. Mancusi will demonstrate the techniques he uses to get positive results. Using real, practical case studies, participants will examine their effectiveness within their own organizations. Learn the ten worst ways to change culture. Examine conflicts between the corporate vision, personal values, and the daily beliefs that really run a company. Discover why middle managers are the biggest blocks to change and what you can do about it. Understand the tactics needed to change the culture in any organization – from department to division to upper management.

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