Judith Viorst

Judith Viorst

Award-winning journalist & best-selling author of Necessary Losses.

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Throughout her illustrious career, poet and fiction writer Judith Viorst’s works have been revered by adults and children alike. She has authored eight collections of poetry, including How Did I Get to be 40...and Other Atrocities, Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations and five books of prose. Her poetry has been read in performance by Anne Jackson, Alfred Lunt, Lynne Fontaine, Anne Bancroft and Eli Wallach. Her non-fiction classic Necessary Losses, appeared on The New York Times best-seller list for nearly two years.

In her popular book, Imperfect Control: Our Lifelong Struggles with Power and Surrender (1999),  Viorst us how our sense of self and all our important relationships are colored by our struggles over control: over wanting it and taking it, loving it and fearing it, and figuring out when the time has come to surrender it.

Her latest book, Grown-Up Marriage (2003), blends interviews with married women and men, the findings of couples therapists, the truths found in literature and movies and bemused exploration of her own marriage.

Viorst has also authored 16 children’s books, including the award-winning children’s classic Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Several of her children’s books have been made into short films.

A multi-faceted writer, Viorst has contributed artistic works across the literary spectrum, including the musical Love and Shrimp, which was performed in New York and Los Angeles and her debut comic novel Murdering Mr. Monti. She serves as contributing editor of Redbook, where her column has appeared for more than 25 years.

Viorst received a B.A. in history, Phi Beta Kappa, from RutgersUniversity. A graduate of the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute, she is the recipient of numerous awards for her journalism and psychological writings. Viorst resides in Washington, D.C.

For Peace of Mind, Resign as General Manager of the Universe

Based on her book, "Imperfect Control," this talk explores how much control we have, should have over ourselves (can we really change?); over our mates (can we always get our way?); over the lives of our adult children (don't they know they really need our advice?); and over the world around us.

What's A Grown-Up?

An exploration of the growing up process in terms of our personal development, our relationships with our children and aging parents, our coming to terms with the darker parts of ourselves as well as upper-eyelid droop, our rueful redefinitions of reality and happiness, and a description of that elusive (and maybe mythical) phenomenon - the grown-up marriage.

Parenting Our Children from Newborn to Thirty-Year Old... and Beyond:

A funny and touching trip through all the stages of parenthood- the joys, messes, aggravations, heartbreaks, the breaking away, the passionate pride, and the "did I do something wrong?", the way our children transform our lives and the shocking realization that there's no such thing as a RETIRED parent.

From Single to Sixty:

An exploration of the journey we all will take from kid to grown-up, from innocent to experienced, from young to not-so-young to suddenly sixty. It will cover life as a single woman trying to live a life of wild abandon with her mother calling her once a day to say "Don't;" as a married woman with children and Gerber strained bananas in her hair; as a middle-aged woman with sagging kneecaps, and into grandmotherhood and the many other delights and shocks of later life.

Necessary Losses:

Based on her New York Times' bestselling book, this talk shows that the inevitable losses of our life (as we go out into the world, relinquish impossible dreams, settle for less-than-perfect love, grow older) can lead to hope, growth, and change.

Loves and Longings and Wicked Thoughts:

An ideal talk for children's educators- teachers, librarians, reading specialists, etc. -this talk examines the shared experiences of children and adults: sibling rivalry, dreams of glory, "wicked thoughts," loving feelings, and the inevitable tug between separation and safety.

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