Ken Dychtwald

Ken Dychtwald

Futurist, Best-Selling Author, Psychologist, Gerontologist, and Entrepreneur

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Futurist, Best-Selling Author, Psychologist,
Gerontologist, and Entrepreneur

Over the past 40+ years, Dr. Ken Dychtwald has emerged as North America’s foremost visionary and original thinker regarding the lifestyle, marketing, health care, and workforce implications of the age wave.


Ken is a psychologist, gerontologist, and best-selling author of 16 books on aging-related issues, including Bodymind; Age Wave: The Challenges and Opportunities of an Aging Society; Age Power: How the 21st Century Will Be Ruled by the New Old; The Power Years: A User’s Guide to the Rest of Your Life; Healthy Aging; Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent; Gideon’s Dream: A Tale of New Beginnings and A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement, and Success, and What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life’s Third Age. His latest book is Radical Curiosity: One Man's Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life. He was the executive producer and host of the highly rated/acclaimed PBS documentary, The Boomer Century: 1946–2046.

Age Wave

Since 1986, Ken has been the Founder and CEO of Age Wave, a firm created to guide companies and government groups in product/service development for boomers and mature adults. His client list has included over half the Fortune 500. He has served as a fellow of the World Economic Forum and was a featured speaker at two White House Conferences on Aging. Ken has twice received the distinguished American Society on Aging Award for outstanding national leadership, and American Demographics honored him as the single most influential marketer to baby boomers over the past quarter century. His article in the Harvard Business Review, “It’s Time to Retire Retirement,” was awarded the prestigious McKinsey Award, tying for first place with the legendary Peter Drucker. He was honored by Investment Advisor as one of the 35 most influential thought leaders in the financial services industry over the past 35 years. Ken and his wife, Maddy, recently received the Esalen Prize for their outstanding contributions to advancing the human potential of aging men and women worldwide. In 2018 he was awarded the Inspire Award from in the International Council on Active Aging for his exceptional and lasting contributions to the active-aging industry and for his efforts to make a difference in the lives of older adults globally.

Keynote Speaker

During his career, Ken has addressed more than two million people worldwide in his speeches to corporate, association, social service, and government groups. His strikingly accurate predictions and innovative ideas are regularly featured in leading print and electronic media worldwide and have garnered more than twelve billion media impressions.


In addition to his role at Age Wave, he is deeply involved in numerous activities for the public good including serving as a member of the XPRIZE Board of Trustees.

Life in the Time of COVID-19: Five Generations’ Perspectives on Health, Family, Finances, Community and Purpose

This new presentation created in the wake of the COVID-10 pandemic, will present a thought-provoking analysis of how COVID-19 is impacting different generations in some very different ways. Synthesizing a wide range of current research and drawing from numerous experts’ views, this virtual presentation will explore: • How is the pandemic transforming people’s lives, relationships, hopes, fears, finances and purpose? • How is the coronavirus public health crisis affecting each of the five generations differently? • What can younger adults be teaching older adults about dealing with this disruption? • What can older adults be teaching younger adults about dealing with this disruption? • Why is there a need for more “empathy” and “interdependence” among the generations?

The Longevity Economy: Tomorrow’s Biggest Market Opportunities Are Hiding in Plain Sight

Rising longevity and the aging of the massive Boomer generation are radically altering both the demographic landscape and every aspect of the consumer marketplace. Already 50+ consumers account for more than half of all spending and control more than 70% of total U.S. net worth. In the coming years, we’ll see explosive business growth fueled by this unprecedented age wave. This provocative new presentation was created for business leaders seeking to understand, re-gear, and thrive in the era of unprecedented longevity. This revealing glimpse into the future explores the industries, products, and services that will dominate the longevity marketplace—many of which are hiding in plain sight: • The medical breakthroughs and technologies on the horizon that have the potential to dramatically transform health, aging, and longevity • How an aging population’s evolving need for healthy choices will the influence food, beverage, and supplement sectors • How a cyclic lifeplan—with repeated personal reinventions—will stimulate demand for new ways to learn, give, volunteer, work, and enjoy life • How aging Boomers will re-invent retirement and re-define the travel and leisure, housing, education, media, and financial services industries • What ways aging Boomers will take advantage of their newfound time affluence • Lessons learned from four decades on the front lines about the successes of pioneering companies worldwide that have “cracked the code” and created brands and marketing strategies that resonate with this generation of brand-loyal consumers

The New Purpose of Maturity: Redefining Work, Retirement, Family, Health, Leisure, Housing, Giving, Money, and Success

Tens of millions of Boomers are entering their retirement years just as Americans are living longer than ever before. As a result, the timing, power, and purpose of maturity are being dramatically re-imagined. Learn how the exciting spectrum of new lifestyle choices across adulthood will affect every area of our lives. This impactful new presentation unveils Age Wave’s highly acclaimed research and explores a wide range of potentially game-changing questions for business leaders across every industry: • How will the distribution of learning, work, and leisure be transformed by our longer lifespans? • How is retirement being re-defined and re-imagined? • What are the changing roles within families? • Will encore careers and giving back become the norm? • How can health be optimized, and will it be affordable? • What changes are needed to make our homes and communities “aging friendly”? • What are the ideal roles for 21st century “modern elders”? • What is the new measure of success?

Re-visioning Retirement: New Timing, New Purpose, New Planning, New Funding

The convergence of rising longevity, today’s uncertain economy, and widespread insufficient savings has reset the retirement clock. Highly acclaimed Age Wave research reveals that the new retirement could be a good thing—for individuals, the consumer marketplace, and financial-planning professionals. This presentation explores the most important questions in retirement planning today, illustrates groundbreaking research, and reveals how to safeguard a successful retirement while avoiding the “wildcards” that threaten to shatter dreams. Why financial peace of mind has become far more important than wealth. The “family bank” phenomenon and how it could jeopardize retirement. How women’s rising financial power is transforming the field of retirement planning. How a new model of work can add fulfillment, stimulation, and financial security. How the demands of eldercare, sibling care, grandparenthood, singlehood, and “rehirement” will impact retirement planning.

How the Age Wave Will Transform the Marketplace, the Workplace and Our Lives

Increasing longevity, declining fertility, and aging Baby Boomers are triggering an enormous age wave, radically shifting our population’s age distribution. This unprecedented demographic transformation is creating tremendous change and opportunities in the marketplace, the workplace and our lives alongside equally pressing social, political, and financial challenges. This illuminating and entertaining presentation draws on decades of proprietary Age Wave research and insights to offer a sweeping analysis of the revolutionary changes we can expect to see in the coming years. Ken will explore some of the most urgent questions facing businesses, governments, families and individuals today, including: ● How is the emerging longevity revolution altering today’s demographic landscape? ● How old will old be in the years ahead? ● How will people use their newfound “longevity bonus”? ● Will a cyclic lifeplan replace the traditional linear model? ● How will aging Baby Boomers change the paradigms of health, work, leisure, and caregiving? ● How is retirement being reinvented? ● What new social and political challenges are being created by this age wave?

The New Alchemy of Travel: In Search of Peak Experiences

Amidst our current workaholic culture, there is an awakening appreciation for the immeasurable value of great times with friends and loved ones, the satisfaction of continued personal growth, and the excitement of encountering new people, places, and cultures. Fueled by the dual Boomer liberations of emptynesting and retirement and turbo-charged by Millennial FOMO, hundreds of millions of men and women worldwide are hoping to enjoy more “time affluence” than at any other point in history. This dynamic new presentation explores the forces causing an unquenchable appetite for stimulating and nourishing "peak experiences" of every form and flavor—and uncovers the abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs and industry leaders who understand the new travel consumer. • Longevity: more life, more time, more personal reinventions, more travel • How the unprecedented “age wave” demographic phenomenon will both boost and transform the travel marketplace worldwide • Why the “freedom zone” is now the most liberated and liberating time in life • Life’s true valuables: the growing importance of experiences over things • 2.5 trillion hours to fill: tapping the enormous “longevity economy” • In search of “peak experiences” and how they can both be programmed and marketed
  • Radical Curiosity: One Man's Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life
    Radical Curiosity: One Man's Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life Purchase Book
  • What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age
    What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age Purchase Book
  • A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement, and Success
    A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement, and Success Purchase Book
  • With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life
    With Purpose: Going from Success to Significance in Work and Life Purchase Book
  • Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent
    Workforce Crisis: How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent Purchase Book
  • The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life
    The Power Years: A User's Guide to the Rest of Your Life Purchase Book
  • The Age Wave: How The Most Important Trend Of Our Time Can Change Your Future
    The Age Wave: How The Most Important Trend Of Our Time Can Change Your Future Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • Radical Curiosity: One Man's Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life
    Radical Curiosity: One Man's Search for Cosmic Magic and a Purposeful Life Purchase Book
  • What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age
    What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age Purchase Book


  • “I have been learning from Ken Dychtwald for years and am convinced that he is today’s most innovative and original thinker on this important subject.”

    President Jimmy Carter
  • Ken Dychtwald has a unique ability to blend cutting-edge social science and unrivaled knowledge about the marketing and workforce implications of the global age wave with world-class presentation showmanship. The response to his talks to our “Committee of 100” leadership has been tremendous and he has managed to earn the highest speaker ratings in our history of meetings. His presentation style is riveting, his knowledge base grows even stronger with the years and his understanding and insightful solutions are truly visionary. I highly recommend Ken Dychtwald to any organization seeking a show-stopping keynoter.

    Thomas J. Donohue
    President and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • You have a real gift for communicating with others. On a scale of 100, you received an average score of 98%. Obviously, this is just about as close to being perfect as you can get. We have enjoyed many top-ranked speakers over the years, including Dr. Victor Frankel, Mother Teresa, David Brinkley, George Will, Chris Matthews, Cokie Roberts, Congressman Claude Pepper and Senator Ted Kennedy, but no one was ever better received than you.

    Val J. Halamandaris
    President, National Association for Home Care and Hospice
  • In addition to being a gifted social scientist and great and prolific writer on the topic of aging and retirement, Ken Dychtwald’s presentation and communication skills, and his ability to engage all forms of media are beyond impressive.

    Jay Wintrob
    President and CEO, SunAmerica Financial Group
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