Marci Rossell

Marci Rossell

Former Chief Economist for CNBC

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Former Chief Economist for CNBC

Marci Rossell electrifies audiences nationwide, speaking on the nexus of economics, politics, culture and the media. Her animated style was honed when she served as the popular, lively Chief Economist for CNBC in the months immediately following September 11th. She takes complex economic issues, often dull in the button-down business press, and makes them relevant to people's lives, families and careers.


Prior to her career in broadcast journalism, Marci served as Corporate Economist and Investment Spokesperson for OppenheimerFunds, one of the nation's largest mutual fund companies.

Expert Witness

Before moving to Wall Street, she was an expert witness for Deloitte and Touche in court cases involving economic issues. Marci began her career as an economist with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.


Marci earned a PhD in Economics from Southern Methodist University, where she was named one of the Young Alumni of the Year in 2002.


She brings a world of experience--from Main Street to Wall Street--when discussing the U.S. economy, international events and movements in capital markets. Her creative, thought-provoking commentary will ring in the audience members' ears well after she leaves the stage.

Economic Forecast for 2017: A Road Map for Businesses in the Trump Era

As a former Federal Reserve Economist and the Chief Economist for CNBC, Dr. Marci Rossell breaks down the factors that have contributed to our current economic environment and outlines her forecast for what businesses should expect in 2017, touching on a range of topics including government regulation, global currency shifts, implications of a Fed rate hike, and the impact of the 2016 Presidential race and incoming new administration. As an esteemed financial expert and high profile economist, Dr. Rossell has been a reliable economic prognosticator with a front row seat to the ups and downs of the financial markets for more than two decades. With high-level insights and straightforward business forecasts, Dr. Rossell provides strategies and solutions that are essential for organizations to map out their successful financial futures.

The New Corporate Citizen: Social Responsibility, Business Ethics and Accountable Capitalism

Can capitalism be rescued? In an age of corporate scandal and financial panic, Dr. Marci Rossell considers who is responsible for the shortcomings of the current economic system and how financial crises can be prevented in the future.

The Stock Market, the Investor and the Media

Dr. Marci Rossell draws on her experience at CNBC, the Federal Reserve and at a Wall Street investment firm to examine how the media influences investor behavior and the economy.

Post-Recession Global Growth

Post-Recession global growth has been disappointing, and now China is slowing down. Yet the global economy is at a pivot point, where the next expansion is being driven by some surprising factors. Join Dr. Marci Rossell as she explains how India, Millennials and cheap energy will drive growth in the coming decade.

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