Scott Klososky

Scott Klososky

CEO of TriCorps Technologies, Author, Consultant, and Future Trends Expert

Speaker Categories: Consumer Trends | Social Media | E-Commerce | Futurist

Travels From: OK, United States.

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CEO of TriCorps Technologies, Author, Consultant, and Future Trends Expert

Scott Klososky has lived on the leading edge of technology innovation and its impact on the business world and society in general. He is recognized globally for his unique ability to accurately predict future digital trends and provide the logic behind why they will alter the current status quo.

Digital Trends

Scott is the founder of numerous successful technology startup companies, and this has helped him gain a unique perspective into technology’s impact on industry and humanity. He is not just an observer of digital trends, he has routinely invested in his future visions with a great track record of success.


This unique perspective and future vision has allowed Scott to travel the globe as a speaker, consultant, and author. He works with senior executives in organizations ranging from the Fortune 500 to universities, nonprofits, and countless professional associations and coalitions. As a technology entrepreneur, he also continually works in the trenches of building his own companies.


Scott has the ability to entertain, inspire and enlighten audiences while also translating difficult to understand technology topics. He is known for architecting each presentation specifically for the audience, and with the very latest information available. Topics include content such as the importance of organizational digital maturity, leading through the Digital Transformation, cybersecurity, machine intelligence, data intelligence, trendspotting, digital marketing, and best practices for digital governance.

TriCorps Technologies

Scott is the founding partner of TriCorps Technologies, a digital strategy and cybersecurity firm based in Oklahoma City. TriCorps Technologies focuses not only on helping clients to raise revenue and lower costs but also on protecting their organizations’ resources in both the physical world and in the digital world. At TriCorps, Scott has developed a pioneering integrated security model which targets security from three directions: physical security, surveillance, and cybersecurity, providing a systematic approach to organizational security. TriCorps Technologies represents a merger between Future Point of View, a digital strategy firm Scott founded in 2007, and TriCorps Cybersecurity, a venture he co-founded in 2015.


In 1999, Scott Klososky sold his company for $115 million., an early producer of webcasted media ranging from corporate and government communications to sporting events and entertainment, represented a career spent on the bleeding edge of technology.

Scott began his career fresh out of high school, where his job as a delivery boy was a springboard into the world of technology. He became division head of a computer sales division and then purchased it as his own company. It was eventually built into a twelve-store operation in three states.

His next endeavor was as founder and CEO of Paragraph, Inc., a Soviet/American joint venture founded in 1988, despite international tensions. Half of the company was sold to Silicon Graphics, and the other half is still expanding today (Parascript, Inc.).

Scott then collaborated with H.R. Haldeman to publish a diary of his years as the Chief of Staff to President Nixon, which was a bestseller (Putnam Publishing), and involved Sony Interactive in the release of a book companion CD-ROM.

He is also the founder and minority investor of Alkami Technology, a tech startup that developed a 2nd generation online banking platform with innovative features non-existent in current systems. The privately-owned software company focuses on providing online account management solutions to the financial services industry.


He is the author of four books including: The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision & Culture to Future-Proof Your Organization, Enterprise Social Technology: Harnessing the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, Social Relevancy and Manager’s Guide to Social Media : Jumpstart Productivity, Profitability, and Business Growth with Social Media. His most recent title is Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity.

Social Technology: Social Media, Social Networking and Social Relevance

SocialTech is the hottest trend in technology at the moment. Leaders are trying to figure out how to harness this powerful new suite of tools. In this presentation, Scott gives a top to bottom tutorial on the best practices for implementing a SocialTech strategy with impact. It is important to note that this is not a session that teaches best practices for using LinkedIn or Facebook. This is a robust keynote backed by strong graphical explanations of why SocialTech matters, and how it is changing the sales process, customer service and marketing. Areas specifically covered are subjects like online reputation management, crowdsourcing, building rivers of knowledge, and becoming industry experts. * Best Audience - This talk is perfect for executives that are struggling to learn how to use SocialTech. It also plays really well with marketing, advertising and sales professionals. * Position in the Event - This talk is best positioned when a meeting planner needs something that will have real take-home value for an audience. It can be anywhere from a one hour keynote to a four hour workshop.

Sales/Marketing/Advertising: The Changing Sales Model (Facilitated Buying)

The art of sales has grown through a few generations, and now technology is providing the catalyst to drive a huge reorganizing in how we sell. In the 70's and 80's selling was all about the relationship (Zig Ziglar, Dale Carneigie), in the 90's we grew into the solution oriented sale, find the pain, and provide the cure, or make them sick, and make them well. At the turn of the century, we got very good at creating rigid step by step sales processes that could drive a prospect "down the funnel." Social technologies have now shattered our ability to drive sales in the ways we have in the past. For a sales organization to prosper going forward, they will have to understand how to move toward a Socially Directed Buying Model. They will also need to train sales people in the use of social technology tools. This single presentation could have the most important practical impact on your organization of the next few years. * Best Audience - This session is specifically targeted to sales people and the sales organization. * Position in the Event - This keynote can be presented in any position within a conference because it is informational and lively. It can be used to inspire the sales team, or simply arm them with a long list of new tools and techniques they can use to drive more revenue. This can be delivered anywhere from a one-hour keynote, to a one-day seminar.

Trends & Technology: Trends, Technology and Taking the Lead

Technology is simply a tool, but in the right hands, it can almost be magical in its ability to give us new capabilities. For this reason, it is critical to understand how technology can be fully leveraged in order to drive top-line revenues, or lower bottom-line costs. This is a talk that is both thought provoking and practical. Scott combines highlighting a few new trends that people might be aware of, and adds a few over the horizon trends that are completely new. To this Scott adds the delivery of practical technology tools, or concepts that can be used as soon the attendees get back to the office. In the end with a fast paced and entertaining style, Scott creates context for many of the words and concepts that they have heard about but cannot really apply just yet. * Best Audience - This is a general talk that works for any audience. Scott will customize this talk for the industry he is speaking to so that the trends discussed are specifically appropriate for the listeners. * Position in the Event - This talk can be constructed to be a good opening session, or tweaked to be inspirational and a great send off at the end of a conference. It can be one to three hours depending on how many concepts Scott covers and how deeply he goes into each thought.

Futurist/Strategy: The Technology Integration of Man

As human beings, we are in the middle of an era where technology is systematically integrating more and more into our lives. The role that technology is now playing has a huge impact on our quality of life, and our careers. The impact of technology over the next 50 years and how it will integrate into our lives and even into our bodies will be staggering. This presentation examines ten steps in which technology will integrate into our lives. Executives will be able to take the futuristic views and apply them to their current strategies. * Best Audience - This talk is best targeted at executives that think they have heard it all, or general audiences that hear lots of speakers every year. * Position in the Event - Because this talk is meant to be very thought provoking, it can be used as an opening speech to get people thinking, or as a change of pace in the middle of a conference. It is best delivered between ninety minutes to two hours.

Global Change/Thought Leadership: Did God Invent the Internet?

One of the most speculated questions people (especially parents) have about technology is how it will impact us as a human race. Will all these new digital tools be good or bad for us over time? What is it doing to us today? This is also a very thought leading speech meant to get people thinking big thoughts, such as, what will happen to the coming generations as they are augmented heavily with technologies their parents did not grow up with. How will organizations change as they become more virtualized and people communicate more and more through, and with, technology? * Best Audience - This is clearly a talk intended for an audience that has heard lots of speakers and is looking for something new. This plays well with any level of participant because it applies to both their work life and home life. This talk really benefits from the use of so that audience members can communicate with Scott by text message right to the screen. * Position in the Event - This presentation needs to be used as a change of pace in the middle of an event, or at the end of the event to send people home with some big thoughts about how technology is impacting them. It can be delivered in a one-hour to two-hour format.

Leadership: A Technology Infused Leader

There are thousands of leadership books out on the market, and what all of them seem to be missing is any discussion of what a leader now needs to know about technology in order to be effective going forward. We have a plethora of Baby Boomer and Traditional generation leaders that did not grow up with technology and really have no idea how to leverage it or manage the people that do. This talk is a very practical discussion of a handful of new concepts and ideas for what a leader now must be able to do well in order to lead effectively in the information age. This includes a better ability to see into the future, leverage technology holistically as if it were digital plumbing, and mature the institutional culture of the organization so that the younger technology savvy generations can prosper. * Best Audience - This session is specifically targeted at the C-Suite and executives. It is best delivered to high level people that are open to learning new ways of leading, and that understand that they must continue to grow in order to be effective leaders. * Position in the Event - This keynote can be presented anywhere in a conference because it can be easily adjusted to be more entertaining, or inspirational for an opening session or closing session. It can also just be one of the middle keynotes and be used as useful and practical content to create meaningful value to executives seeking enrichment. It is best delivered for at least one hour, and not more than ninety minutes.
  • Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity
    Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity Purchase Book
  • The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof your Organization
    The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof your Organization Purchase Book
  • Enterprise Social Technologies: Helping Organizations Harness the
    Enterprise Social Technologies: Helping Organizations Harness the Purchase Book

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  • Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity
    Did God Create the Internet? The Impact of Technology on Humanity Purchase Book
  • The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof your Organization
    The Velocity Manifesto: Harnessing Technology, Vision, and Culture to Future-Proof your Organization Purchase Book
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