Terrell Jones

Terrell Jones

Founder and Former CEO Travelocity.com, Chairman of the Board of Kayak.com

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Founder and Former CEO Travelocity.com, Chairman of the Board of Kayak.com

Terry Jones founded Travelocity.com. He led the company as President and was Chief Executive Officer from its founding until May 2002. Previously, Jones served as Chief Information Officer at Sabre Inc. In his 24 years at Sabre, Jones held various executive positions including President of Computer Services, Vice President of Applications Development and Vice President of Product Development.

Previous Experience

Prior to Sabre, Jones joined American Airlines in 1978 as Director of Product Development when American Airlines acquired Agency Data Systems, a Florida-based mini-computer accounting systems company. He became president of the division when it moved to Dallas/Fort Worth.

Terry Jones really delivered. His presentation was highly rated and was right on target for an audience of diverse business types and sizes. Well done. - Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce


A graduate of Denison University in Granville, Ohio, Jones entered the travel industry in 1971 as a travel agent with Vega Travel in Chicago. He later served five years as a vice president of Travel Advisors, a company specializing in business travel to Eastern Europe and the USSR, with offices in Chicago and Moscow.

Corporate Ventures

Jones is managing principal of Essential Ideas, a consultancy he co-founded to help companies in their transition to the digital economy. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Kayak.com, and is on the boards of Smart Destinations, Inc. and Rearden Commerce. He is a special venture partner with General Catalyst Partners of Boston. Jones also is Chairman of the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival and serves on the national Information Technology committee of the Boy Scouts of America.


His new book published in 2012, On Innovation, discusses turning on innovation in your culture, teams and organization. His book offers 72 short ideas on how to build teams, create a culture, and select the best ideas. It includes a section on "Innovation in a large corporation."

Areas of expertise: Information Technology, Internet and E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship and Small Business, Innovation and Creativity

The Business of Innovation

The business of innovation explores the fundamentals of innovation...how to generate great ideas, how to 'fail fast', how to kill projects without killing people. how to experiment and 'do more with less'. Terry provides real world examples drawn from his experience at Travelocity.com, the boards of seven startups and his consulting work with companies large and small. Many speakers talk about the future. Terry gives your audience step by step plans to create it.

Leadership in a Wired World

It’s a new world out there… a world where ‘the office’ is anywhere and communication is constant; where the pace of change is staggering and the ‘wired generation’ is entering the work force. In this new world, how do you lead? The basic principles of good leadership haven’t changed in hundreds of years; but, in this new world, how we APPLY them MUST change. Today’s new worker has been raised in the digital age, has been multi tasking since the age of 3 and has been online for most of their life. How can companies most effectively communicate with, lead and leverage this very different employee base? Terry Jones has led both large corporations and small startup companies. As a CEO, a board member, and a consultant, his innovative leadership style has helped reshape the travel industry. In this program, he offers concise and actionable insights into how leadership is changing in this new technology-driven world.

Building Digital Relationships

How will your customer contact you today? In the store, via the phone, on your web site, read a tweet, friend you on Facebook? There is no way to know. Building Digital Relationships gives your audience the keys to unlock the mystery of how to connect with customers online. While face to face isn’t going away, businesses that don’t have an effective online relationship strategy are being left behind.Terry can educate your audience in all phases of the digital conversation from search to social media, using real world examples drawn from his long experience in the online world.

Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur?

The story of the entrepreneur in the garage is well known. But how does one build a startup inside a huge corporation? How do you successfully innovate in large and sometimes bureaucratic organizations? Terry started Travelocity.com as a department inside the multi billion dollar Sabre Corporation. Starting with an idea and a team of ten he grew the department into a multi billion dollar public company with over 35 million members and 1200 employees. Intrapreneurs face different challenges than entrepreneurs. Competitors are as likely to be internal as external. In this world, who you report to can be as important to an intrapreneur as building a brand is to the entrepreneur. His story of how one navigates the corporate power structure to turn an idea into a company has applicability for anyone with a new product or a new idea.

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