Tom Ziglar

Tom Ziglar

CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and Well-Known Motivational Speaker

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CEO of Ziglar, Inc. and Well-Known Motivational Speaker

Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar, Inc., not only shares a last name with his father, Zig Ziglar, he also carries on his philosophy: ''You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.'' He is boldly taking Ziglar, Inc., into the world of social communities, Twitter, blogs, and live video webcasts to present the tried-and-true message of hope, integrity, and positive thinking to a whole new audience.


Tom was named CEO of Ziglar, Inc. in 1996, when the company was created as the operations segment of Zig Ziglar Corporation. Within the first six months after he began directing Ziglar Training Systems, production increased 40 percent with 30 percent fewer people.Prior to being named president, Ziglar initially began his career in retail and direct sales. He joined the Zig Ziglar Corporation in 1987 learning every aspect of the company as he climbed from working in the warehouse to sales to seminar promotion to sales management.

Ziglar Family Values

Ziglar shares the belief of his father, Zig Ziglar that "You can have everything in life you want if you just help enough other people get what they want." He also embraces the following philosophies: To be successful in business, it takes honesty, integrity, hard work and wise counsel. You can't make a good business deal with a bad guy. When negotiating, no secrets, no surprises.


Tom’s latest book is Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time. Obstensively a self-help and better management book, but not like the others. Choose to Win is about living your whole life, one that is authentic to yourself.


Ziglar graduated from Austin College in Sherman, Texas, with a bachelor's degree in political science.

The Ziglar Performance Formula

Get maximum results every day. The key to getting things done and doing a good job starts with attitude. Find out how a positive mentality allows you to overcome everyday obstacles.

Dream Alignment - The Key to Leadership Success

Work for a dream, not a paycheck. When employees waft through life and do just enough to get by, your business suffers. This keynote will help you inspire your employees and cure them of their zombie-like condition.

Choose to Win

The secret to achieving success in every area of your life. The fastest path to your goals is by attending Tom’s signature keynote speech.

Building Winning Relationships

WEBINAR: Stronger - Creating a Victory Mindset and Taking Action During the Toughest Times

Stronger Action is about having the right mindset in a pandemic and specific things you can do to get the Stronger mindset.

WEBINAR: Motivating and Leading the Remote Workforce

It takes a different type of leader to effectively lead through Zoom. Tom Ziglar has advice for leading your teams through the greatest business challenge in a hundred years.
  • Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time
    Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time Purchase Book

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  • Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time
    Choose to Win: Transform Your Life, One Simple Choice at a Time Purchase Book


  • "It really is about being better...Ziglar helped us connect with AIOD members in a way we've never done before-causing us to reach way beyond our goals. Our association continues to use Ziglar for all of our training needs - from classroom instruction and keynotes to online learning - because our members receive more relevant and useful training that clearly makes a difference."

    AIOD (Association of Independent Oil Distributors)
  • Over the years, Ziglar’s tremendous ability to inspire and challenge has motivated many of our Consultants to reach for success.

    Mary Kay Ash
    MaryKay Inc.
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