Vince Poscente

Vince Poscente

New York Times Bestseller and Olympian

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New York Times Bestseller and Olympian

An authority on speed and focus, Vince Poscente understands the key elements--mental toughness, passion for excellence and a fun journey--necessary in today's corporate world. Taking his own formula to accelerate toward big goals, Poscente added to his list of achievements becoming an award-winning salesperson for Century 21; a VP of Marketing for the world's largest real estate investment service, Int'l Investment Properties; a USA & Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame inductee; and a New York Times best-selling author of four business/pop psychology books, including The Age of Speed.


After the unexpected death of a high school friend, Vince Poscente realized life is short. He made a promise to say "yes" to any opportunity that came his way – including realizing his lifelong dream of becoming an Olympic skier. At the age of 30, after only four years of training, he was marching in the opening ceremonies with the Canadian Olympic team in Albertville, France. In the sport of speed skiing, Vince Poscente vied for gold with a speed of 135 mph on skis.

The Age of Speed

Unraveling the notion that in today's world we need to slow down, Poscente illustrates why harnessing the power of speed is the ultimate solution for those seeking less stress, less busyness, and more balance. He combines lessons from his remarkable Olympic experience with insights from his book The Age of Speed to inspire even the most resistant individuals to embrace speed. With his infectious energy, warmth, and humor, Poscente's keynote leaves audiences energized and excited about getting fast results.


Vince holds a Masters in Organizational Management and a managing partner in Media/Communications agency, and has led an award-winning real estate career as Vice President of North America's largest real estate investment service.


Vince is the author of The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now Worldand The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self, InVinceAble Principles: Essential Tools for Life Mastery, Heroes Climb: The Ascent From I to Us. Vince's most recent book is The Earthquakes - Your Journey from Setback to Breakthrough. 

Unraveling the notion that in today’s world we need to ‘hang-on,’ Poscente illustrates how harnessing the speed of change becomes a competitive advantage. Through powerful examples and edge of your seat stories, your audience will be energized and ready to tackle the tough challenges ahead of them.

Vince's most recent book is The Earthquake - Your Journey from From Setback to Breakthrough

From Setbacks to Breakthroughs

This message has practical takeaways and instant motivation to get your team and their activities back on track. It has been delivered around the world for audiences wanting a high-energy, humorous, and inspiring message to break free from the limitations of chaos and 'stuckness.' It revolves around the three key elements of The Solution Loop: Collaboration is a function of internal and external alignment. It is triggered by looking outside yourself a different viewpoint. Curiosity towards limitless possibilities of what a new reality looks like. Creativity to narrow in on the best options that work best for those involved. Companies have used The Solution Loop in From Setback to Breakthrough for remote and in-person events. From Setback to Breakthrough helps employees feel part of a great organization dedicated to course correction and renewed momentum. The Solution Loop is a methodology taken from Vince's most recent book, The Earthquake - Your Journey from From Setback to Breakthrough.

Full Speed Ahead Leadership

The Olympic movement is pervasive in our society on many levels. Primarily, we can all relate to the pursuit of excellence. We can also appreciate the three core principles of the pursuit of excellence, international understanding and fair play alongside the motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius (Swifter, Higher, Stronger). But the unwritten motto for high performing leaders is “Smartius.” Inevitable obstacles spring from basic human nature. In the personal and corporate landscape, real life issues and the realities of competition pervade. The solutions to roadblocks for leaders of corporations are explored in this entertaining and thought-provoking message.

Building Teams with the Urgent "Why?"

LeBron James used Vince Poscente's strategies in his transitions from Cleveland to Miami and back to his hometown. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff used the principles with their team in their recent turnaround season. FedEx and EvolvHealth use Vince Poscente's tools in their leadership team training keeping them out front in a competitive landscape. Vince Poscente helps teams target their emotion-drivers towards simplicity, synergy and life balance. The underpinning of Vince Poscente's "Urgent Why" approach is from his international bestseller, The Ant and the Elephant. It is a based on the combination of finding your WHY and the emotional quotient that fuels internal motivation. Vince Poscente combines the concepts of finding each team member's emotional buzz, a simple path towards clarity, commitment, consistency, confidence and control in concert with the team's overall objectives. This is a transformational keynote for teams determined to progress full speed ahead.

Find Your Buzz

This motivational keynote speech has been delivered around the world for Direct Sales audiences wanting a high energy, humor and an inspiring message around accelerated goal setting. This "recreational skier to Olympics in four years story" has been Vince's most requested speech over the last twenty years. It revolves around the three key elements of "big goals fast": •Alignment starts with each of us having an "emotional buzz" surrounding the goals in front of us. •Agility is facilitated when we "do what the competition is not willing to do." •Aerodynamics is all about efficiency and eliminating things that cause drag (such as fear and interruptions).

Instant Impact and Lasting Influence

The skills and art of impactful and influential communication are necessary for leaders on the platform or digital media. Reading off a teleprompter is the ultimate contrived message resulting in an invisible barrier between leaders and followers. Using Power Point slides as a crutch for messaging is also an energy killer. But leaders who expertly command the stage or screen can have instant impact and lasting influence. Vince Poscente leads an interactive and transformational session on how leaders can deliver a profound message anywhere from a room full of their employees, an audience of stakeholders or in a brief video message. Vince has coached the Chief of Protocol of the White House, Harvard Business Book authors, CEO’s of multimillion & billion-dollar companies and entrepreneurs intent on designing a killer keynote. Vince’s acumen for speaking had him inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame with the likes of Ronald Reagan, Zig Ziglar, Og Mandino and Jack Canfield. Vince Poscente is in-demand for his Instant Impact and Lasting Influence keynotes at corporate events around the world. This rare opportunity to learn from a master communicator, at the top of his game of speaking and training.This powerhouse keynote will help you have instant impact and lasting influence when you are in front of a demanding client or called to deliver an important presentation.

Heroes Climb

We each have the opportunity to be EVERYDAY HEROES. This lecture will challenge you to find your personal trajectory that allows you to make a difference through personal accountability and integrity.
  • The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World
    The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World Purchase Book
  • The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self
    The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self Purchase Book
  • Invinceable Principles: Essential Tools for Life Mastery
    Invinceable Principles: Essential Tools for Life Mastery Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World
    The Age of Speed: Learning to Thrive in a More-Faster-Now World Purchase Book
  • The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self
    The Ant and the Elephant: Leadership For the Self Purchase Book


  • As Education Chair for our Young Presidents Organization chapter, my role was to find educational resources that were engaging and substantive. YPO audiences can be difficult to please because they've seen it all and done it all. Although they are hungry for information, meeting their high standards is a challenge. Vince Poscente, Olympian and New York Times best-selling author, spoke to our group and exceeded our expectations. His entertaining style and inspiring story were coupled with powerful leadership and performance tools. In a world that is going faster, Vince Poscente showed how to simplify the business of life through alignment, agility and aerodynamics. Finally, we were impressed with Vince Poscente's extra time before, during and even after our event. He spent the time to learn about our specific challenges, integrated his discovery into the context of his talk and then spent the rest of the day with our members.

    Mayca Food Service
  • Any speaker that starts his presentation standing on a chair, re-living his Olympic speed skiing past, has me from the word "Go!" Vince is engaging, energetic, and entertaining. The perfect combo for delivering a profound message with impact and clarity. I will never forget this presentation [in 2005 to the Cable Advertising Bureau], and especially how he brought it all home and made it relevant to our lives and our businesses. Well done sir.

    Comcast Spotlight
  • I stepped into the back of the room filled with 500+ attendees just to listen to Vince for a moment. I stood there engaged for over an hour. He was extremely entertaining, funny and his story was heartfelt. I walked out of that room energized and motivated.

    1st Global
  • Everyone on the management team, as well as other attendees I spoke with, was impressed with your presentation. As we had expected, it fit very nicely with the objectives of the Summit, however it exceeded our expectations in terms of the delivery and the enthusiasm it generated. It was a very powerful way to punctuate the day's events. We also appreciate the time you spent mingling with the team at the "after glow". It was a genuine pleasure to have you at the Summit.

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