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Glenn SmithGlenn Smith brought his entrepreneurial spirit to the creation of the company now known as In 1994, just as the Internet was becoming a pervasive force on the economic landscape, Glenn and his wife and partner, Barbara, recognized the enormous potential the web could provide for an international company in the meetings industry. Initially designed as a marketing resource for professional public speakers, the beginnings of, aka Speakers On-Line, went live in 1994, as the world's very first website for professional public speakers.

To illustrate how far ahead of the curve this concept was, in September of that year, the New York Times used a screen shot of the Speakers On-line homepage in an article that illustrated the vast reach and information transmission capability of the fledgling World Wide Web.

During the years that followed, Barbara and Glenn worked to expand the scope of their company by founding Inter-Speak, Inc. in 1995, an international full-service speakers bureau. They partnered with Expert Magazine in 1996 and produced Expert Radio in 1997, which broadcast on the Radio America Network.

In 1988-89, it became apparent that the company Barbara and Glenn were working to build would be better served by consolidating their efforts as opposed to attempting to diversify, so they redesigned and redeployed the company web site, but this time as

Glenn is a 1974 graduate of Purdue University. He worked in the energy industry for 15 years prior to giving in to his desire to be his own boss. His consultancy specialized in small business automation, so he was “uniquely qualified” when in 1994 Barbara directed his attention to an article in the Sunday Style Section of the New York Times. In that article, a local, florist told of selling flowers on the Internet to a customer in Japan. After Glenn finished reading the article, Barbara simply said, “you need to learn how to do this,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Search Speakers

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