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Patriotic speakers at are experts at motivation, inspiration, team-building and overcoming adversity. These American military heroes have made the highest sacrifices to protect their county and their presentations energize audiences with field-tested, first-hand knowledge to help them battle any business or personal obstacles. patriotic & military speakers are great story tellers and are some of our most popular standing ovation speakers.

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David Rutherford

U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Training Specialist

Former U.S. Navy SEAL, Behavioral Traning Specialist, Unique Team Building Instructor & Leadership Coach

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Rorke Denver

U.S. Navy SEAL, Star of 2012  Film "Act of Valor"

Former United States Navy SEALs commander, Author of Damn Few, Actor of 2012 film Act of Valor and the Fox Television series, American Grit

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Dick Couch

Former Navy SEAL, NY Times Bestselling Author of "Act of Valor" 

Former Navy SEAL, CIA case officer, NY Times Best selling Author of "Act of Valor" and "Navy SEALs: Their Untold Story"

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JR Martinez

Army Veteran, Season 13 Winner, ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"

Army Veteran, Actor, Author and Season 13 Winner of ABC's "Dancing With the Stars"

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Mike Eruzioni

Legendary USA Olympic Hockey Team Captain

Captain of USA Hockey Team that won Olympic Gold in 1980 Known as Miracle on Ice & their amazing story was retold in the Disney blockbuster "Miracle"

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