Salute the American Workforce this Labor Day Weekend

Managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners understand the vital roles that employees play in the success of their ventures. Whether it's one person or one hundred people, workers are often the biggest investment entrepreneurs and business owners make. can help you find the perfect workforce expert that will help you motivate your team and thank them for the hard work they give you throughout the year.

Eric ChesterEric Chester is a leading voice in the global dialogue on employee engagement and building a world-class workplace culture. As one of the first authors to spell out the radical differences of America's post-Generation X'ers in his 2002 bestseller, Employing Generation Why: Understanding, Managing, and Motivating Your New Workforce, companies and organizations sought out Eric's advice on how they could better connect with young employees.

Program Topic: From Rookie to Superstar: Improving Your Business by Developing Your People from the Inside Out

Research proves that most business leaders are not satisfied with the performance, productivity, and the service they are getting from their emerging workforce. The problem is not so much a skills gap as it is a values gap, which is apparent when analyzing the core work ethic values a growing number of employees are bringing to the job. This is the cause--and the effect--of Eric Chester's compelling presentation based on his breakthrough leadership book, Reviving Work Ethic - A Leader's Guide to Ending Entitlement and Restoring Pride in the Emerging Workforce.


Carey LohrenzAs the first female F-14 Tomcat Fighter Pilot in the U.S. Navy, having flown missions worldwide as a combat-mission-ready United States Navy pilot, Carey Lohrenz is used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments.  Her powerful messages of Leadership, Tenacity, Commitment to Excellence and Resilience challenge, inform, and inspire your team to achieve peak performance.

Program Topic: Lessons In Partnership

Just like in aviation, in a rapidly changing global environment Speed is Life. Collaboration is critical to business success and Managing Successful Strategic Partnerships is crucial. Competitive advantage is gained when your organization can optimize partnerships and strategic alliances. Deeper relationships with partners can be the key to long term success and growth. In this inspiring and engaging keynote, Carey shares what it takes to be on the 'Leading Edge'. Those things that helped her succeed in one of the most extreme environments on earth can help elevate your team, gain advantage and uncover opportunities.


Cam MarstonCam Marston is the leading expert on the impact of generational characteristics and differences on the workplace and the marketplace.  His first book, Motivating The "What's In It For Me?" Workforce, explores the characteristics and motivations that each generation brings to the workforce and suggests management tactics applicable to any business setting. His next book, Generational Insights is a guide to the best practices in managing generational issues.

Program Topic: Four Generations in the Workplace - Leadership & Teamwork
Employers and managers need to understand the attitudes and expectations of each of the four generations so they can best work with each. The days of "treat everyone the same" are no longer with us; now we must accept the needs and desires of the individual. This presentation can be highly customized to feature census data (where appropriate), company initiatives, company demographics, etc. Worksheets are available for a quick 5-minute exercise to ensure take-away ideas and behaviors. Recruiting and Retention concepts can be added if needed. This presentation can be modified to be a ½ day or full day workshop. Ask about the added value of surveying participants in the weeks prior to the presentation.


Marilyn TamMarilyn Tam, Ph.D. is a Speaker, Author, Consultant, Board Certified Executive/Corporate/Leadership Coach, and Founder and Executive Director of Us Foundation. She was formerly the CEO of Aveda Corp., President of Reebok Apparel and Retail Group; Vice President of Nike Inc. and also a successful entrepreneur who has developed and built four companies.   Marilyn is a contributing writer to Huffington Post, and she has a weekly radio show, The Happiness Choice on FMG network.

Program Topic: Life Balance: How to Juggle Work, Home, Personal and Spiritual Health
The conflicting expectations and conditioning that people, especially women, have been bombarded with makes them vulnerable to feeling unsatisfied, second rate and confused. The current poor economic times, incessant marketing message of "you can have it all" and the hyper-speed of change is hitting people so hard that they are oftentimes reduced to feeling despair in being able to attain any semblance of a balanced life - and even more critically, economic sustainability. The inner questioning of whether one can ever climb out of the hole of wanting and trying to gain some measure of financial stability, health, fulfilling relationships, inner peace, joy and a meaning for life is pervasive, however conscious or subconscious. "Life Balance: How to Juggle Work, Home, Personal and Spiritual Health" is packed with motivation, encouragement, and practical resources for a happier more satisfying life.


Mike MullaneFrom combat reconnaissance missions over the skies of Vietnam, to Space Shuttle missions, to climbing some of the highest peaks across the globe, Mike Mullane knows what teamwork, leadership and safety are all about. As a US Air Force Colonel, author and Mission Specialist aboard the space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis, his programs on these topics have educated, inspired and motivated tens of thousands of people from every walk of business and government.

Program Topic: Countdown to Safety
In his program, "Countdown To Safety", Astronaut Mullane delivers a powerful message on the individual's role in keeping themselves and their teams safe in hazardous environments. Mullane introduces this subject with a recount of his own near-death experience in a fighter jet, when he failed to speak up about an unsafe situation. He assumed another crewmember, with more flying time, "knew best" about the safety of their operations. At a critical moment in a hazardous operation, Mullane surrendered his responsibility for safety to someone else and became a "safety passenger". The result was his (and the pilot's) narrow escape during their ejection from the crashing jet. Mullane continues this thread: that each individual brings to their team a unique perspective on safety. Only when every person's perspective is available for analysis can a team be truly safe.

Jeff HavensJeff Havens
, a hilarious professional development speaker, brings his unique, side-splitting, message-based lectures and keynote addresses to hundreds of other corporations and colleges in the United States and Canada. Original, informative, funny and powerful, Jeff's speeches have transformed the way businesspeople and college students approach the idea of personal and professional growth.  Each one begins with Jeff offering his audience all the wrong advice, and ends on a more serious note, where Jeff then has a more straightforward conversation about the right kinds of practices and behaviors we should all strive to follow.

Program Topic:  Uncrapify Your Life!
Communication, Customer Service, Accountability - With the invention of the award-winning Uncrapify Your Life! keynote address, Jeff Havens has turned the entire professional speaking world on its head. By encouraging his audiences to do the opposite of everything he recommends, Jeff offers a motivational address utterly unlike anything corporate America has ever seen, one that is guaranteed to leave your audience refreshed, surprised, and begging for more.


Glenn LlopisGlenn Llopis focuses on bringing the immigrant perspective to business leadership and workplace innovation. Founder of the Center for Hispanic Leadership and the Center for Innovation and Humanity, Glenn is a consultant and author of Earning Serendipity: 4 Skills for Creating and Sustaining Good Fortune in Your Work; Why Hispanic Leadership Will Save America's Corporations; and Why a Personal Employee Brand Will Save Your Career and Your Workplace.

Program Topic: 50 Million And Growing: Why It's Time for Businesses To Pay Attention to Hispanics


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