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Now more than ever, issues in healthcare and medicine are on the front lines of political battles and the front pages of the news. Our healthcare experts have years of knowledge in reform and strategy, patient service, communications, future trends, and workplace issues.


Rosemary GibsonRosemary Gibson is an award winning author and authority on health care reform, Medicare, patient safety and overtreatment. Rosemary serves as Senior Advisor at The Hastings Center and a Section Editor for "Less is More" in JAMA Internal Medicine, and is a board member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. She has written critically acclaimed books: Medicare Meltdown, Battle Over Health Care, Treatment Trap, and Wall of Silence. She is the 2014 recipient of the highest honor from the American Medical Writers Association for her outstanding contributions to the field of medical communication.

Program Topic: 10 Steps to Affordable Health Care


Steve RivkinSteve Rivkin has been a sought-after marketing and communications expert and consultant since 1989. He has a diverse background in marketing, advertising, naming, corporate communications, public affairs and journalism. Mr. Rivkin is the co-author of several best-selling books with marketing strategist Jack Trout: The New Positioning, The Power of Simplicity, and Differentiate or Die. Their book, Repositioning: The New Battle for Your Mind, explains how readers can evolve their original positioning in an era of competition, change and crisis.

Program Topic: Inside the Minds of Healthcare Consumers- "What Do They Want from Us Now?"


David B. AgusDavid B. Agus, MD is one of the world's leading cancer doctors, researchers, medical futurists and technology innovators. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Agus has received acclaim for his innovations in medicine and contributions to new technologies that will change how all of us maintain our health. He's also built a reputation for having a unique way of looking at the relationship of the body to health and disease. In his New York Times bestselling book, The End of Illness, Dr. Agus also offers insights and access to breathtaking and powerful new technologies that promise to transform medicine in our generation.

Program Topic: Worldwide Status of Health Care and Technology


Elizabeth TeisbergAs co-author, along with Michael Porter, of the breakthrough innovative book Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results, Elizabeth Teisberg is an international authority on health care strategy and policy. Teisberg has worked with health sector organizations as they transform to a value-based strategy, and is also faculty at Dartmouth's Center for Health Care Delivery Science and a Senior Institute Associate at Harvard's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.

Program Topic: What does Health Care Reform Mean for Your Business?


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