Blockchain technology offers tremendous hope and promise to drastically improve data transparency and data sharing, as well as reduce the risk of a central point of failure for corporate, government, and private entities. But there is also significant hype around blockchain that has been driven by the bubble in cryptocurrency investments and people who don't want to miss out on the next wave of new technology. What will determine the future of blockchain - the hope or the hype?

Jason Schenker, Chairman of The Futurist Institute, President of Prestige Economics, and the world's leading financial futurist has a new book out, The Promise of Blockchain: Hope and Hype for an Emerging Disruptive Technology. Covering a wide range of issues surrounding blockchain, some of the topics include:
- Economic and Philosophical arguments for cryptocurrency.
- Hype of ICOs and the risks from regulation. 
- Hope of blockchain for reducing central point of failure risks. 
- Promise of value for blockchain in supply chain, transportation, logistics, freight, and material handling. 
- Opportunities and challenges for blockchain adoption in the fields of healthcare, agriculture, real estate, finance, and government. 

President and Chief Economist of Prestige Economics; Chairman, The Futurist Institute; Executive Director, Texas Blockchain Association


Bestselling Author and Financial Technology (FinTech) & Blockchain Expert

Award-Winning Global Economist, Property Rights Champion & Bestselling Author of The Mystery of Capital

Healthcare and Technology Futurist

Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer at TenX, Bestselling Author, and Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Expert

Transformative Leadership Expert and Futurist

Longest-Serving Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission and Renowned Economist

Associate Editor of The Independent, Renowned Economist, and Futurist

Top Digital Transformation and Motivational Speaker, Bestselling Author & Futurist

Futurist and Leading Authority on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Social Media

Datafloq Founder and Expert on AI, Blockchain and Big Data

Founder & CEO, Zuckerberg Media, and Facebook’s Former Director of Market Development

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