Seth Mattison

Seth Mattison

Internationally Renowned Workforce Strategist and Management Trendspotter

Speaker Categories: Consumer Trends | Customer Service | Stress Management | Sales | Young Leader | Consumer Trends

Travels From: CA, United States.

Speaker Fee Range: $10,001 to $20,000*

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Internationally Renowned Workforce Strategist and
Management Trendspotter

Seth Mattison is an internationally renowned expert on workforce trends and generational dynamics. As Founder and Chief Movement Officer of FutureSight Labs, Seth advises many of the world’s leading brand and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

Generational Dynamics

Named to the Editors’ Picks for Favorite Speakers for 2013 by MeetingsNet, Seth’s presentations bring an entirely unexpected perspective on the future of work, talent, innovation, and the power of relationships. With a passion for helping to create greater understanding and collaboration in today’s workplace, Seth offers participants actionable content that can immediately impact business performance.

Workforce Trends

With his finger on the pulse of today’s changing workforce, Seth blends storytelling from his own personal experience working with category leading brands while leveraging cutting edge research to develop fresh perspectives on the key strategic issues most relevant for today’s leaders.


Over the past 5 years Seth has shared his insight with thousands of business leaders around the world and has received accolades from many of the world’s best brands including: MasterCard, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, AT&T, PepsiCo, GE Energy, Prudential Real Estate, Cisco, State Farm, Merrill Lynch, Dow, Disney, and Deloitte.


Seth delivers presentations with specific take-away value that will help organizations:

  • Harness the power and perspective of their top talent
  • Tap into the hidden brainpower throughout the entire organization
  • Establish an ongoing system to nurture and harvest the best ideas
  • Learn how to adapt more quickly and proactively to changes in the marketplace
  • Foster a culture of stewardship of careers, capabilities, resources, the environment, and values

Seth knows that sitting through a boring or off-topic speech is utterly painful. So he keeps things edgy and interactive. He uses stories and humor extensively to craft presentations that are educational, motivational, and entertaining. But whenever he’s in front of a group, of twenty-five people or twenty-five hundred, he provides valuable and actionable information about the new world of work and what future focused leaders can do to prepare for it.

Seth speaks to all kinds of organizations: Consumer goods companies, Business-to-Business, entrepreneurs, small business owners, nonprofits, and more. He’s been rated one of the top speakers at every event he’s keynoted. Most importantly, his presentations combine three essential qualities: entertainment, information, and motivation.

Shine: Preparing to Stand Out and Win in the Networked Era

A power shift has occurred in the world of customers and clients today. No longer do institutions and authority figures hold the keys. Today power, information, and influence are shared between clients and sales professionals creating new challenges and opportunities for entire industries. How will you respond to this dramatic evolution? In the Shine, Seth Mattison will dissect how world class firms, leaders, and sales producers are meeting the elevated expectations of more sophisticated and demanding customers by demonstrating an entirely new set of relationship competencies required to compete and win business in this new complex and competitive environment.

Accelerating Accessibility: Strategies for Engaging the Connected Consumer

We’re witnessing the greatest fundamental shift the world has ever seen in the way we organize, collaborate, connect and contribute. Whether it’s empowered clients connecting with your brand in new ways or engaged employees amplifying their voices, the walls that have divided us are crumbling down. Leading this evolution is a new generation disrupting every industry and market segment they occupy. Digitally charged and hyperconnected, they are rewriting the rules of engagement. In response to this dynamic shift, a new ethos and view of the world will be required by brands today—one that’s more human, authentic and accessible to all. In this session, Seth Mattison will bring to life this new networked view of the world. He’ll offer new insights, best practice recommendations and actionable tools to foster long-term loyalty and brand preference among the next generation of consumers.

The M-Shift: Moving Management from Analog to Digital to Pivotal

For future focused organizations to succeed in the new world of work a bold approach to management is needed. An approach where freedom, trust, and experimentation are not only embraced but encouraged. Unfortunately while our advancement in technology has equipped us to navigate the disruptive waters of change, our management models have not. Today, many of our organizations still operating from a 19th Century industrial age management model that undervalues unconventional thinking, discourages full transparency, deters initiative, frustrates experimentation, and allows people to play small. In this program, Seth will provide a road map for anticipating the management challenges that will demand fundamentally new thinking; successfully challenge obsolete management models that limit success and help leaders build tomorrow’s best practices today.

Gen-Power: Unleashing the Potential of Every Generation

Take a look around your organization today. There’s a good chance you’re working alongside three and possibly even four generations of talent. Going forward, the workforce is moving inexorably toward greater diversity. This dynamic can create crippling challenges or game-changing advantages for teams that learn to recognize, understand, value and ultimately tap the strategic perspective that lies within every generation. Fresh eyes alongside seasoned wisdom will be a fierce force in the new world of work. Gen-Power will help you harness it. In this session, Seth Mattison will help you understand the histories, personalities, strengths and challenges of each unique generational group, while also sharing insights and best practices on leading, managing, recruiting and retaining colleagues of all ages and experience levels.

The Future of Work Today: Insights from the New World of Work

We are entering the greatest period of business transformation the world has ever known. The constant state of disruption we are experiencing mandates a bold new approach to leadership. This program is designed to help leaders prepare to navigate a new business landscape where the pace of change is elevating and collaboration is the key ingredient to unleashing the innovation required to compete and win. Supported with cutting-edge research and category-leading case studies, Seth Mattison will prepare audience participants today for what is going to be required to compete and thrive tomorrow.

Relationship Revolution: Building Better Connections in the Digital Age

In today’s super-wired, highly digital society, humans still crave social interaction and relationships. In business, creating strong relationships is the key to achieving success, both individually and as an organization. What’s the secret for cultivating successful relationships, particularly in business? As more and more lives play out virtually, connections can sometimes feel less than fulfilling. From Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter to Foursquare, it’s important to remember just how powerful it can be to reach beyond the fiber optics and make that physical connection. In the Relationship Revolution, Seth Mattison will explore five key insights that will equip you for building better, stronger, more authentic relationships in the new world of work.
  • The War At Work: A Tale of Navigating the Unwritten Rules of the Hierarchy in a Half Changed World
    The War At Work: A Tale of Navigating the Unwritten Rules of the Hierarchy in a Half Changed World Purchase Book
  • The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace
    The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace Purchase Book

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Recent Books

  • The War At Work: A Tale of Navigating the Unwritten Rules of the Hierarchy in a Half Changed World
    The War At Work: A Tale of Navigating the Unwritten Rules of the Hierarchy in a Half Changed World Purchase Book
  • The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace
    The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace Purchase Book


  • It could not have gone better. Seth was amazing and our employees were incredibly receptive. Seth and I got a chance to talk quite a bit and he is a very special young man with a very bright future. Thank you for all your help.

    Education Specialist, District of Columbia Courts
  • Seth was an outstanding hit with all generations. Comments were that Seth was credible, obviously living the generational differences he spoke so passionately about! Thank you for helping us land the right guy for the job.

    Director of Conferences, National Association for Court Management
  • Overall we received outstanding reviews and great feedback from our audience. In the overall survey, Seth’s presentation was noted several times as the most valuable takeaway from the conference. Attendees remarked: “Should have had Seth for the entire afternoon!” and “Young generation presentation and follow-up one-on-one discussion were very useful!”

    Areva inc.
  • You have probably heard speakers on the topic of generational differences in the workplace, but Seth Mattison is by far the best. His presentation Rocking the Workplace: Managing and Leading the Four Generations skips over all the negative and annoying stereotypes ('millennials have no loyalty, no work ethic') and gets the audience fired up about the idea of getting along with four—soon to be five—generations at once. His presentation is fun and funny, energetic, and totally relatable. He manages to engage every member of the audience, which in most cases will span every generation, in an affectionate and endearing way.

    Director of Content and Media Integration, MeetingsNet
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